Lionel Messi: “We are not aware of what it means to be World champions”


Lionel Messi and the Argentina national team were given a tribute by CONMEBOL and the Best player in the World spoke about everything they have lived.

Messi was in attendance as the Argentina national team were honored by CONMEBOL in a tribute which included a song by La Sole to the team. Speaking at the tribute, here is what Messi had to say:

“Thank you very much Alejandro for these two cups that we had talked about, especially this one (Messi touches the World Cup). I’m going to keep this Cup in the museum. Thank you to you, Alejandro Domínguez and to CONMEBOL for this tribute to all of us.

“The gift that Sole gave me just now was very touching. The song is very meaningful for us in the locker room, it is a very special song that we listened to and the fact that sole is here and sings it to us reminded me, as she said, of that moment when she sang it to Diego (Maradona). That she sang it to me, that she sang it to us was a very nice moment, so thank you very much.

“As I said the other day, we are living a very nice, very special moment. We were fortunate to play in Argentina for the first time after having been World champions and we are receiving a lot of love.

“We came back many times to play in qualifiers, friendlies, competitions, but this time, obviously, after being champions was different to all of us and that is how we all feel and that is how the people of Argentina show it to us all the time.

“As you (Alejandro Domínguez), Chiqui (Tapia) and Leo (Scaloni) were saying, many people in the world were happy for us, for me, for being world champions and for bringing the Cup back to South America. It was about time that a South American team became World champions again.

“That last thing I would like to say is I think beyond all the affection we are receiving after being World champions, that we were receiving before in this group, for this recognition, for the signs of affection, I think we are still not really aware of what it means to be World champions.

“We think about what is coming and not about what we have done, I think this is for life. Here, I saw many World champions that told us that, that it surely happens to them too, that even today they are recognised and they don’t even remember the moments when they were World champions. I am full with this (Messi caresses the World Cup), it was the one I was missing.

“Thank God I was able to achieve everything in football, I thank all of my team mates for these beautiful gifts they gave me. The coaching staff, Chiqui (Tapia), was always by out side for everything we needed and we were always in the best way. Now I have to enjoy what I have left, which I don’t know how long it will be and enjoy what I have always done as I have done throughout my career. I am fulfilled with this one, it is the one I was missing.”


  1. It is so disappointing that PSG supporters booed him though the entire team was outplayed by Bayern. In the first leg Donnarumma was sloppy and let one go below him. In the second leg, hell was let loose when Verratti was sloppy right on the border of the box. MBappe was closely marked and he decided not to take blows. Messi was closely marked and we have seen he took so many blows with heads held high. Still the PSG supporters booed him. Messi should not sign for PSG irrespective of how much they pay him and how much they fulfil his demands. Period. It is better to play anywhere other than PSG. When he goes to pitch against Lyon on 3rd April, things are not going to change. He would be booed again. Supporters have the right to be annoyed with highly paid players if they fail to perform in key matches, but that does not mean they can have selective amnesia.

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