Javier Mascherano could remain as coach of Argentina U20 team


Javier Mascherano could remain as the coach of the Argentina U20 team.

Mascherano stated earlier this year that he will likely not be continuing as coach of the Argentina U20 team but a new report states that he could stay on. According to Fernando Czyz, Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni and Lionel Messi both spoke with Mascherano and he has agreed to rethink his decision.

The AFA are trying to persuade him to continue as coach and per the report, he has a chance to continue if the U20 World Cup is held in Argentina.


  1. Let’s not totally slate latrato martinez for his misses. He did score the penalty against the Nederlands. But I agree with most his tap in chances are reminding me of higuin.

    • Higuain also had his moments. Atleast in something they are similar.. scoring some extra ordinary goals..and missing some easy chances.

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