FIFA remove Indonesia as U20 World Cup host, AFA wants to host tournament


FIFA have removed Indonesia as host of the U20 World Cup and the AFA have already communicated that they would like to host the tournament.

Indonesia were originally going to host the 2023 U20 World Cup but FIFA have removed them as hosts due to Indonesia’s political stance. FIFA have confirmed that the tournament will continue as planned, starting on May 20 with a new host to be announced in the next few days.

Argentina did not qualify for the tournament but should they be named as hosts, they would be participating in the U20 World Cup.


  1. Beware of Italy because they are trying to lure more young player of Argentina 🇦🇷 to Italian national football…… After missing out on last two wcup they are crazy to qualify next WC … and they are targeting young players from the current 3 time world champion team- Argentina..

    Some players are-

    Lucas Beltran (River),
    Nicolas Valentini (Boca),
    Nicolas Capaldo (Salzburg),
    Pedro De La Vega (Lanus),
    Gianluca Prestianni (Velez),
    Tomas Pozzo (Independiente),
    Ignacio Maestro Puch (Atletico Tucuman)
    , Gino Infantino (Rosario Central),
    Juan Sforza and Justo Gianni (both Newell’s).

    Italian manager Roberto Mancini was also asked about selecting more ‘Oriundi’ – those who are born and raised abroad with their ancestors hailing from Italy.
    Currently Italy have lured Retegui into Italian national team and scored 2 out of 2 after starting consecutive games for Italy.

  2. Seria A is very weak league which made Lukaku and fading C. Ronaldo elite. It is slow league where Martinez shines. Huigain was top scorer in Seria A while flopping at RM. We need to replace Martinez if he keeps flopping.

  3. Another great opportunity! Hope AFA can grab it…Vamos! & If it really happens, pls appoint a good coach for U20 team immediately. We have very good young players indeed..

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