Julián Álvarez scores for Manchester City in 4-1 win vs. Liverpool


Julián Álvarez scored for Manchester City in their 4-1 win vs. Liverpool.

Álvarez was involved in three of Manchester City’s goals in their win. Liverpool took the 1-0 lead as Jack Grealish would play a pass into the penalty area and the Argentine would score from close range.

The World Cup winner was not done. He played a big part in Manchester City’s second goal as he would switch the play from left to right to Mahrez who would get an assist on Kevin De Bruyne’s goal.

Manchester City were leading 2-1 when Álvarez created space for himself with his off the ball movement. His initial effort on goal was blocked but the rebound fell to Grealish who would score City’s third goal of the match.


  1. Julian looks like young Messi and his technical skills are getting better. If City played through him as Barca did with Messi, we would see what he truly is capable of. This is an exciting time to be an Argentine fan. Talent is at an all-time high. New competition is on the rise even after WC victory, new winning mentality, with VERSATILE PLAYERS. No more, “I’m out of form because I’m not in my natural position.” We are all blessed to witness this as many fans passed away during covid.

  2. why in the world did Enzo move to Chelsea???
    That’s the worst Club in England right now. They will not even play Europa League next year. such a waste of talent

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