Argentina U17 win 1-0 vs. Bolivia, lead Group B in Sudamericano


The Argentina U17 national team won 1-0 vs. Bolivia as they lead Group B at the Sudamericano.

Diego Placente’s team have a commanding lead in the Sudamericano as they made it two wins out of two. After the 4-2 win vs. Venezuela, Argentina played Bolivia.

Valentino Andres Acuña would give Argentina the 1-0 lead. A cross into the penalty area found the midfielder who would score a left footed effort.

Gustavo Hudalgo Albarracin would get red carded and he will miss Argentina’s next match vs. Peru on Thursday. Here are the current standings in Group B:

Argentina: 6 points (2 matches played)
Bolivia: 3 points (2 matches played)
Paraguay: 1 point (1 match played)
Venezuela: 1 point (2 matches played)
Peru: 0 points (1 match played)


  1. Infantino is very average but sadly he is Masche’s captain. Castro and Aguirre have been regulars under Mascherano and would surely be there. Miramon and Redondo are interesting but they have never been called up by Masche and so very unlikely to get called up.

    • Masche team needs a major overhaul. He can’t rely on the same team that proved to be a huge failure in the South American competition. Esp Mascherano now gets another chance AND playing at home. Take that opportunity.

      In the tournament 3 positions were the weakest: CB, DM and GK.
      DF: Di Lollo, Genez, Aguilar were awful.
      DM: Maxi, Perrone, Infantino were dreadful as DM
      GK: Herrera and Gomes Gerth made rookie mistakes that were costly.

      He can’t rely on them anymore.

  2. Since a few players just over 20yo .I amend my list of U20:

    Goal Keeper:
    Gomes Gerth,Álvaro Killane,Franco Herrera

    Valentin Gomez,Tomas Aviles,Franco Carboni ,Julian Aude,Valentin Barco, Francisco Marco,Tomas Palacios,A Giay

    Midfield :
    Mateo Tanlongo,Federico Redondo,Nico Paz, Valentin Carboni,Tiago Geralnik,F Bounanotte,Perrone,Infantino,Matias soule

    Garnacho,Brian Aguirre,Gianluca Prestianni, Juan Gauto

    Maestro Puch,Tomas Rambert

    Giay#Tomas Aviles#Gomez#F Carboni
    ####Mateo Tanlongo
    ###Soule####Nico Paz
    #####Maestro Puch

    • Interesting but some notes:
      1. ONLY 21 players in each World Cup U20 squad not 23, not 26. So some high profile names will be cut
      2. Tomas Aviles is interesting but he is called up by Chile u20 and he said it that he prefers Chilean national team
      3. My 21 players squad has 3 players that are starters for their teams already and are on fire: F Redondo, Ignacio Miramon, and A Veliz
      4. Argentina normally brings 3 GK, 6 Def, 6-7 Mid, 5-6 FW in each WC u20 (21 total)

      Here is my 21
      GK: Herrera, Gomez Gerth, Killane
      DR: Giay
      DC: Palacios, Gomez, Marco
      DL: Barco, Aude
      DM: F Redondo, I Miramon
      MCR: N Paz, V Carboni
      MCL: F Buonanotte, M Perrone
      FR: M Soule, L Romero
      FL: A Garnacho, G Prestianni
      FW: A Veliz (he is on fire), Puch

      These won’t make my squad: Tanlongo, G Intantino, F Carboni, J Fernandez, S Castro, B Aguirre, L Roman) since ONLY 21 players allowed. J Fernandez is also in good form but I think Soule and Luka Romero will be preferred.

      • @el_principe if i may ask…will all the players based in Europe be released by their European Clubs ? I truly hope so, though even i wouldhad preffered, maybe or perhaps an other coach, well also it is an fact that there is not much time, though i have honestly no clue of how much of time will Masche have with his players before the tournament starts as i truly hope so that it will be organized in Argentina !

        • @el_principe

          Just saw your reply from before for the same question of mine’s so thank’s a lot for that as obviously very appreciated too!

          So i hope the European Clubs will obey to the rules of FIFA U20 WC and release all the players available for ARG U20 NT!

          What, comes to Masche i think he should try some others this time as last time we saw that they were not able to Qualify…

          So even i do understand the pressure or advantage of playing in front of your home crowd also it is also true that this is the only thing( if good willing will TaKe place in Argentina!) why ARG U20 are playing in U20 WC this time….

          As i not mean to go fully experimental, but the truth is that, last time it did not worked out and certain players as named allready were truly awfull, sorry as i don’t want to bash them, but i think Masche should try shuffle his deffensive pack and all his deffensive tactics and most of times u need certain type of players to be able to work your plan out as obviously…and as those named allready did not do great at all last time, well nothing to loose in a way even if it is in front of your home crowd…hopefully we will see all this to happen and different Masche team this time!

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