Santiago López scores twice for Argentina U17 in 2-1 win vs. Venezuela at Sudamericano


Santiago López scored twice for the Argentina U17 team in their 2-1 win vs. Venezuela at the Sudamericano.

López was the star of the match for Diego Placente’s Argentina U17 team as he scored both goals in the match. A ball out wide by Gorosito into the penalty area found López who scored to give Argentina the 1-0 lead.

Venezuela would draw level off a set piece. A free kick into the penalty area was not properly defender by the Argentina U17 team and Venezuela would get their goal.

Argentina would retake the lead. An effort from outside of the penalty area by Subiabre was saved by the goalkeeper with Albarracin’s effort off the rebound also saved but López would score Argentina’s second goal of the match.

Diego Placente’s team, along with Brazil, top the hexagonal group with Argentina first on goal difference. This was the starting eleven:

Diaz, Gorosito, Palacio, Villalba, Ontivero, ALbarracin, Gerez, Echeverri, Subiabre, Ruberto, López

They play Paraguay on Monday.


  1. I know Pep loves Alvarez but I’m not seeing that love from Grealish and Mahrez..Idk what these two overrated guys think of themselves but against Leicester Mahrez deliberately ignored 3 good chances to pass to Alvarez in an advanced position… I’m tired of seeing that a$$hole and some other MC players ignore Alvarez.. I hope Pep tears them a new one… on the flip side Haaland seems to enjoy Alvarez goals and is genuinely happy for him…so are Foden and some defenders..

    • Yes I am annoyed with Mahrez not passing to Alvarez. I think he’s scared of him, lots of other city players too. Alvarez still needs a few more years to be really independent and move to another club. It seems Mahrez got pretty big ego too.

      Pep likes speedy and skilled players who can score goals. You can see all of his players are like this from midfield upward. Haaland is actually not his type but his scoring ability is ridiculous, he made pep look good. Also good for him Haaland got good personality.

      • My surprise is Ruben dias… He looks happy for alvarez. Mahrez and grealish rarely passed to Alvarez untill they really need to score.

  2. Chelsea just need good coach.. They will improve next season…. Macalister have good chance to join Chelsea.. Mac and enzo playing for Chelsea great treat for Argentina fans

    • A 9 that actually converts chances in goals will be useful too. Neither Felix nor Havertz is a pure striker. Icardi could be an option if he focuses on football.

  3. I am watching Claudio Echeverri in Sudamericano Sub 17 everygame. His movements are pure talent. But he is very raw. I think with maturity he can lead the attack of Albiceleste in the future. There are also other talents there but I am especially interested in Echeverri. I think Eceheverri and Garnacho COULD be the main threat in the Future.
    Fingers Crossed.

  4. I have said this so many times, but I am so disappointed with Enzo Fernandez. He jumped the gun on his transfer. Chelsea was a very bad choice. Now under Lampard he will slowly loose his place too. He should have stayed at benfica and then move in summer. Mac Allister is more matured in this case

    • Not happy he’s going to Chelsea either. Enzo is not so speedy and physical, not well-suited to EPL. He needs a couple of more years in Portugal. Augero had chances to go to EPL multiple times when young, but he denied the opportunities for a few years

    • I know that Chelsea is a pretty chaotic team, but there are several players that have excelled there and they win the Champion’s League every once in a while.
      If they build a team around Enzo, that isn’t too bad of a situation. And I think he keeps playing really well in spite of the other players not gelling well as a team.

      • It is a bad one. Not because of current situation. Chelsea may need several years to get back to be a title contender.

        I always felt he is better for Real Madrid. With Modric, Kroos getting old there was a good chance to go to Madrid.

    • Guys, Enzo is a professional and that what he does for living playing football. Who would reject that offer?. He is making more than 4 times than what he made at Benefica. I understand your point but you can’t blame him.

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