Argentina to be named host country for 2023 U20 World Cup


Argentina are set to be named hosts for the 2023 U20 World Cup on Monday.

An official announcement is expected in the next few hours but Argentina will be named the new hosts for the 2023 U20 World Cup. Indonesia were previously the original hosts but due to a political conflict with Israel, they were removed from hosting duties.

The AFA have been working and signed documents to submit their bid to become the hosts. Argentina, who did not qualify for the tournament, would now be participating and replacing Indonesia.


  1. What does politics has to do with sports? Or Israel has to do with Fifa U20 WC?
    Though I welcome the opportunity to see Argentina in the U20 World Cup. A second chance for Garnacho and co. Make it count.

    • A LOT!!
      I personally applaud Indonesia for taking a stand on this particular issue…GOOD FOR THEM, at least there are people still standing up for what they believe and not going along with however the wind blows just because somebody told them to🫵🫵🫵🫡🫡🫡🫡

      • But it is sickening to see Fifa taking a stand here. Whatever Indonesia does its their business as long as they dont kill innocent people. A country has its right to support or not support another country’s exploits.

        • Actually it is sickening to see In a FIFA event like world cup, the host denied to host a country who qualified. Indonesia has been stripped, rightly.

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