Argentina video, four months after winning the 2022 World Cup


More videos are being released of Argentina winning the 2022 World Cup, four months after they lifted the trophy.

It has been exactly four months since the Argentina national team lifted the World Cup. The tournament in Qatar produced many memories and FIFA released a video of Argentina at the World Cup.

From the tears of 1990 in Italy, to the shock of 1994, heart break of 1998, disaster of 2002, disbelief of 2006, embarrassment of 2010, the so close of 2014 and disorganization of 2018 to pure ecstasy of 2022 in Qatar.


  1. Lived through all of them, since 1990. Heartbreak after heartbreak. Finally we made it. We are the World Champions 🇦🇷🇦🇷

  2. So all European players are announced for U20 WC. let see how many teams will allow. Should have consider prestianni. He is playing with Velez.

  3. We are the world champions.thanks Allah.still cant believe after so many heart breaks and 36 years of pain.we are the champion again and at last.

  4. WORLD CUP CHAMPS BABY…….. words can’t explain what I’m still feeling and will feel forever. Best of the BEST. Reality was Better than fantasy. When that last PK went in and busted out crying, the many times I thought about saying it and NOW IT’S REAL…WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL ADDICTIVE FEELING and it will never EVER get old.

  5. Chelsea with 1-2-4-3 formation , with Enzo playing in the 4 midfield and Kante ahead of him as an attacking Mid is shocking! Kante wasted many chances because he is not a attacking mid and Lampard persisting with him after missing chances is exactly why Everton fired him. He is playing Enzo so far away from the goal that Chelsea have failed to utilize the goal scoring and assisting ability of Enzo!! They will need a better coach who can build the team around E. Fernandez and involve him more in attack otherwise next season it will be the same story!!

    • Chelsea needed goals and they started with all midfielders having no quality to attack through mid or wings….Still Lampard waited until 70th min to change players. But he changed Enzo who was playing clean game. Ridiculous manager.

    • Lampard is getting schooled in the CL… his formations and player positioning is little-leauge stuff… even worse is his substitution…. for the entire match Reese james covered for every other player who was played out of postion by Lampard..

  6. This video brings back all the heartbreaks. Sad to see how my favorite players lost at the WC. I vividly remember Diego’s tears, the wonderful 94 team with Redondo, Batistuta. Caniggia. The shock at the end in 98, the 2002 nightmare etc etc. Last year was great but I would have preferred a win in 1994 with Diego.

    • I was at the 94 game in Boston. I remember seeing the nurse taking Diego by the hand on the pitch after the game. Ask yourself, has any other player in the history of football ever been personally taken by a nurse off the pitch for a doping test? It is what it is now, but I feel that the 94 team with Diego would have easily made the final and probably won it.

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