AFA approves rule for Argentine clubs to release players


The AFA have approved a rule for Argentine clubs to release players for the national team.

Argentine clubs must now release their players to the Argentina national team, no matter the category. According to HernĂ¡n Castillo, a meeting within the AFA Was held in December and they approved that the clubs would have to release their players.

This has not always been the case, specifically for previous youth tournaments where clubs were not obliged and did not release their players for the national team.


  1. Maxi Gonzales, Nicolas Vallejo, Julian Fernandez are not picked up. But why mascherano picked up di lollo and gomes gerth. Because of these 2 players we got eliminated at the group stage. Gomes gerth is not a good goalkeeper and he will never be for sure. In toulun tournament against France he conceded very poor goal. Don’t we have better goalkeeper than gerth at this level. Why Gianluca prestianni have not been picked up? He is our next big prospect along with Claudio echhevari.

    • Because he has time… He’s just 17. Actually, he should have been with the sub-17 but i believe Gareca needed him in Velez.

    • The reason for Di Lollo is simple. He may have been awful but there is a very dry selection pool of center backs for that age level and Di Lollo has been part of the squad for a long time now and has been integrated, he’s not just going to be flat out dropped. The U17 age range is better for center backs in my opinion, I have good hopes for Ulises Gimenez for example (I don’t know much about the others because they’re not of my club River and its an obscure age to get information on for footballers)

      • Whats your opinion about River young attacking midfielders?

        Echeverri 2006 we know him
        Jonas Luna AM 2005?
        Esteban Fernandez ZM/AM 2002?
        Matias Gallardo AM 2003?
        Jonas Luna 2005 AM?
        Uriel Funes 2005 AM?
        Tiago Serrago 2005 AM?
        Mastantuono 2007 AM?

        Most of them have already played in reserve team. Who has the chance to be regular River player?

    • Local players only?

      Mine: Herrera; Giay, Aviles, Malanca, Barco; Redondo, Miramon, Infantino; Aguirre, J Gauto, Veliz/Puch

      Latest news is MU reject to release Garnacho. But I believe other European based will be released as they are not that important for the senior teams (Soule, Luka, Paz, Carbonis, Buonanotte, Perrone).

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