Nahuel Molina scores in consecutive matches for Atletico Madrid in 5-1 win


Nahuel Molina scored for a second consecutive match with Rodrigo De Paul getting the assist for Atletico Madrid in their 5-1 win vs. Cadiz.

Molina has now scored in two matches in a row for Atletico Madrid, this time with Rodrigo De Paul getting the assist. With Atletico Madrid leading 4-1, it was a Rodrigo De Paul through ball in to Molina and he would score.

A goal made in Argentina by World Cup champions, Rodrigo De Paul is now on two goals and four assists. Ángel Correa was also brought on as a substitute.


  1. Simeone’s ATM ! Belive it or not as after WC they been the most inform club in European Club football, just like Napoli was before the WC etc…, though competition in La Liga may not be so tight as EPL and UCL as at the moment i personally rank Serie A also more competive than La Liga, but Still absolutly taking nothing away from ATM and their incredible form as also they have completly changed their aproach and playing style from ultra defenssive to now having as more ball possesion and also more direct way of playing, so thumbs up and hopefully they will remain their current form also not until this season, but also for the next season too as if they will be able to keep that form also for next season, well then they will deffenetly have a chance to win La Liga once again…, but we will see first past the summer transfer window and how they will start their next season etc…so i’m not saying yet, that they will win La Liga as next season, but also i would not count it completly off either…specially Molina been one of their key players and prooved to be a very good signing for ATM and happy to see also De Paul playing now much more, than before and having back, that very needed constancy !

    • Nahuel Molina is an improvement on Kieran Trippier
      As Kieran Trippier’s number one fan during his time at Atlético Madrid, it pains me to say this a little bit, but I think Nahuel Molina, on recent form, might even be an improvement on the English right-back.

      It from sbnation of Atlético Madrid fans

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