Argentina U20 team named for the 2023 U20 World Cup


The Argentina U20 team has been named for the 2023 U20 World Cup.

Javier Mascherano has named his team for the 2023 U20 World Cup which consists of 21 players. Of those 21 players, six of them play in Europe with only one playing in South America.

From the 21 players, nine of them were part of the Sudamericano which did not directly qualify for the World Cup. Since being named as hosts, Argentina will now play the opening match on May 20 against Uzbekistan.

Their second match is on May 23 against Guatemala with their last group match on May 26 against New Zealand. Here are the 21 players that have been named for the tournament:

Federico Gomes Gerth (Tigre)
Nicolas Claa (Lanus)
Lucas Lavagnino (River Plate)

Agustin Giay (San Lorenzo)
Tomas Aviles (Racing)
Lautaro Di Lollo (Boca Juniors)
Valentin Gomez (Velez)
Roman Vega (FC Barcelona)
Valentin Barco (Boca Juniors)

Mateo Tanlongo (Sporting CP)
Ignacio Miramon (Gimnasia y Esgrima la Plata)
Federico Redondo (Argentinos Juniors)
Maximo Perrone (Manchester City)
Gino Infantino (Rosario Central)
Valentin Carboni (Inter)

Matias Soule (Juventus)
Luka Romero (Lazio)
Alejo Veliz (Rosario Central)
Ignacio Maestro Puch (Atletico Tucuman)
Juan Gauto (Huracan)
Brian Aguirre (Newell’s Old Boys)


  1. Gomez Girth will be a horrible GK again & Mascherano will lose his 2nd chance!!
    But, really would love to win this U20 WC.

  2. That jorginho mocked Enzo by posting a weird pic. Enzo desperately need a great coach to perform his great play. He was playing great in that 4 2 3 1 formation of potter. But once Lampard came suddenly he has to adjust more. But yeah the main reason is the bad play of the whole team. A real Spanish coach with possession game may suit his dominating style of play.

  3. I think Maradona is so unlucky bcz he couldnt see Aggressive Messi in this WC. Actually Diego loves this type of aggression from Messi..

    • Diego would have been so happy with the WC win. Today he will also miss Napoli’s scudetto after 33 years.

  4. Apparently, PSG management was extremely upset at Messi after his dad informed them about a month ago about not renewing with them. Leo was already given permission to travel to Saudi but to paint him as villain PSG rescheduled their training. Messi was already on his plane when they suspended him. They want to show that PSG cut ties with Messi and not the otherway around!! PSG owners wanted the club to retain Messi at any cost but after the world cup Messi wasn’t satisfied with their sporting project where he would be a third fiddle with average mids and defenders.

    They know once Messi leaves, ligue1 viewership will plummet by 95%!!

    • Ok, that was surprising to see Leo doing that… Now that explains things. Now the chants against him are most likely piloted by the club management.

    • Actually the person at fault is Messi himself. Galtier informed the team that if they win or draw the game then they can have monday and Tuesday off and so before the game Messi got permission to go provided that the team wins or draws the game but the team lost and Messi still went.
      In saying that PSG as a club has been an absolute joke for many years now, over a dozen times has one or more of their players defied the so called rules and got away with it but now all of a sudden they want to make an example out of Messi. Whatever!
      Honestly even Saudi Arabia is better than this joke of a club.

      • It seems all made up!! He was already given permission to travel but then they rescheduled the training session just to make him look bad ! Also, what kind of kids stuff is that, only if we win you can travel.

  5. With Gerth & DiLollo , another capsized journey is on the cards.
    If we had Garnacho, Paz & Buonanotte – atleast offense looked well loaded. We now have a moderately strong offense which should help us get out of an easy group. Not expecting much thereafter. It will be good to see how Soule/Romero/Peronne scale up & what impact Redondo & Barco bring to the table.

    • Unless the back line is Lavagnino (GK); Giay (RB), Aviles (RCB), Vega (LCB), Barco (LB).

      Vega is mostly a fullback but can play a centre-back too.

      Redondo, Perrone, Carboni (Romero) mid

      Soule RWF

      Half-decent team

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