Video: Lionel Messi issues PSG statement after suspension


Lionel Messi has issued a statement regarding his trip to Saudi Arabia.

Messi recently took a trip to Saudi Arabia as he is an ambassador of tourism and as a result, he has been suspended for two weeks by PSG. His trip to Saudi Arabia was unauthorised and he missed training.

The World Cup winner posted an apology on his Instagram page on Friday.

“I honestly thought we were going to have a day off after the game as always. I had the trip to Saudi Arabia organized and I couldn’t cancel it. I had already canceled before. I apologize to my teammates and I’m waiting for what the club wants to do.”


  1. Leo next club?

    Barca – no clear plan, no money and above the team is full of traitors like Laporta…and they are extremely toxic. I can remember Leo last few years in there, he always look unhappy, frustrated,…

    Inter Miami – It is way to early for Leo to go there. He could still use 2 to 3 years in Europe

    Psg – staying there is out of options. I have seen Ney and Mbap do worse, the only they got was a slap on the wrist but with Leo they’re playing the card “no player is bigger than the club” what sort of double standard is that? I hope they got thrashed this night too. I am sure if they win you will here things like “Leo is not needed…” all sort of nonsense like that idiot Rothen – a player with 35 goals in 15 years with no ligue 1 championship critizing Leo, the guts of that fool, 35 goals leo scores almost every season. Someone needs to shut that guy up.

    Saudi – It seems to be a good idea but since Lord penaldo is there, he should dodge that place. As much as I enjoyed Messi vs Ronaldo rivalry we can all agree after Dec 18th we know Leo is the GOAT. I think he should leave it like that.

    Man city – for me I want city it has everything Leo needs. A coach that understand and likes him, quality teammates with great skills, good understand and communication on field. Not that repulsive concoction (psg). The fans too are not bad ever since Pep got to city they been asking him to bring in Leo, is like they want the GOAT.

  2. Taty castellanos. I hoped he gets called up for NT in June. he is 24 can play on Wings+ CF. Like having Nico Gonzalez 2.0 with better finish.

  3. ‘I thought we are going to have a day off’.

    Messi said everything in this phrase. PSG clearly rescheduled their training session to make sure Messi misses it so that they can show everyone he was wrong and suspend him!! PSG management is super pissed at him for not renewing the contract. Qatari owners want to retain Messi at any cost but the toxicity in that club is too much to handle for Leo. PSG shot their own foot by orchestrating this child’s play where you only get a candy if you do your assignment. They made the greatest player of all time apologize and have pissed everyone in the soccer world!!

    Also PSG ultras blaming Messi that he came to PSG to prepare for the world cup, he took it light at the club and gave 110% at the world cup. Yes, he damn right did !!! 👏

    • PSG has proven to be a pitiful pathetic small-minded club to treat MESSI the way they treated him, from NOT PROTECING him vs all the Idiot fans booing him, to not celebrating his WC win properly to this bullshit CHILDISH treatment now. Messi has done everything in his power NOT to step on anybody’s toes or Egos…..the Golden Child wasn’t crazy about Messi being there but changed once he saw how unselfish he is with him and Neymar.
      PSG fans mad about Messi playing the way he did at the WC, REALLY? F ’em Let’s see how Neymar and the Golden boy like it if he was the focal point!

      PSG act as if they have a LONG history of winning CLs or ton of trophies when they ONLY became contenders after the Billions spent so save it.

      • Rumor has it that PSG management sent paid fans to protest outside of Neymar’s home to force him to leave their club.

        Regarding Messi, the one and only reason they suspended him for missing a training session that was rescheduled was because he is not renewing with them. They know he is the sole reason PSG matches viewership has quadrupled and when he is gone no body, even a stray dog with give a flying fcuk about them.

  4. Newcastle seems more perfect for Messi. It’s a rising club. Will play UCL next season. Also they offer good money. 1to 2 years of premier league may give him that extra respect due to the acceptance of a bigger challenge even at 36. He won’t be pressured to score goals there. He can act as a perfect playmaker. And they have capable players to play in all positions.

  5. He has a big choice coming up.
    Option 1 – rejoin Barca for 25m per year
    Option 2 – move to Saudi Arabia for 300m per year
    Option 3 – play for Inter Miami with old friends from his Barca years

  6. SulaV idiot was advocating for Messi to stay at PSG. Dude acts like he knows inside info. from messi camp.

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