Mauricio Pochettino to become new Chelsea coach, will take over in June


Mauricio Pochettino is set to become the new Chelsea coach and is expected to take over in June.

Pochettino will be returning to the Premier League. According to Fabrizio Romano, an agreement has been reached between the two and he has accepted a long term deal which will be signed in the next few days.

He will be taking over in June with Frank Lampard staying on until the end of the season. The Argentine has previously coached both Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.


  1. Chelsea is a deathtrap club, they had a great coach in the German and let him go for what?
    The entire EPL is a fickle league, managers come and go like the tide.

  2. The way the let selfish Mbappe and his bitc*s take all glory and make Messi look like a joke , I seriously doubt his management skills. Don’t forget he couldn’t win the league when all the big teams City, United, Arsenal and Liverpool were going through transition phase and lost the league to Leicester city. If he fails to impress or make any significant improvement in the first 5-7 matches , Chelsea fans will ask for his head!! EPL clubs have very low patience threshold for poor performance, few consecutive losses and draws means you are out!

  3. So happy pochettino getting Chelsea job that was my wish when Potter got fired, I think this is great opportunity for poch to prove his doubts, he can win elp with Chelsea since they won’t play any European competition and I hope he signs more Argentine players.
    Ideally Alexis macallister and Lautaro.

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