Argentina U20 national team facts, 2001, 2005, 2007 finals


The Argentina U20 team will start their 2023 U20 tournament on Saturday as we look at some facts and the 2001, 2005 and 2007 finals.

Argentina qualified as hosts for the 2023 U20 World Cup but for many years, the team qualified for the tournament and won it in fashion. The Argentina U20 team hold the record for most U20 World Cup trophies won with six.

Diego Maradona helped the Argentina U20 team to their first trophy in 1979 when the tournament was hosted in Japan. After that came back to back titles, the first in 1995 in Qatar and the second in 1997 in Malaysia.

They would then go on to win it with Lionel Messi in 2005 in the Netherlands and Sergio Aguero, who was also part of that 2005 team, would win it in 2007 in Canada.

This makes the Argentina U20 team the only U20 team to win consecutive U20 World Cup tournaments twice. The last trophy won was in 2007 with Sergio Aguero at the helm.

That 2007 U20 World Cup team had two, or three if you want to count Sergio Aguero, senior World Cup winners. Angel Di Maria and Papu Gomez both won the 2022 World Cup.

The team which won the 1997 U20 World Cup is often regarded as one of the greatest U20 teams ever assembled. Juan Román Riquelme, Pablo Aimar, Esteban Cambiasso, Walter Samuel, Lionel Scaloni and Diego Placente, just to name a few.

Of the 18 players which won the 1997 U20 World Cup, six of them would take part in the 2006 World Cup. Those six are Leo Franco, Leandro Cufré, Esteban Cambiasso, Juan Román Riquelme, Pablo Aimar and Lionel Scaloni.

From the 18 players, eight would play in a World Cup. In addition to those six, Diego Placente played the 2002 World Cup and Walter Samuel in 2002 and the 2010 World Cup.

The last time the U20 World Cup was held in Argentina, it was in 2001 when Jose Pekerman’s team ran riot. Javier Saviola scored 11 goals in the tournament, an Argentine record.

That 2001 team had Javier Savola, Maxi Rodríguez, Andrés D’Alessandro, Willy Caballero, Fabricio Coloccini, Nicolás Burdisso and Julio Arca, just to name a few. Of the 19 players whichw on the World Cup, Nicolás Burdisso, Fabricio Coloccini, Javier Saviola and Maxi Rodríguez would all play in the 2006 World Cup while Maxi Rodríguez would play the 2018 World Cup.

Sergio Aguero is the last Argentine captain to lift the U20 World Cup. He has also won the U20 World Cup two times, the first in 2005 and the second in 2007 in Canada.

The 2001, 2005 and 2007 U20 World Cup finals are on Youtube and can be viewed below.


  1. Hope you guys are well.Nowadays I’m little bit busy but always try to reads your comments. I think matis soule, valentine barco,V carbone will shine this match..good luck

  2. 2018 Messi won La-liga, scored 52 goals with 26 assist but missed out on Ballon-Dor because he didn’t win the most important competition, the Champions league. This season he has scored 28 goals and has 22 assist and won the biggest competition in soccer , the World cup. He dragged a team full of mid-table team players to become the world champions, yes they all stepped up and are finally getting their due recognition but without Leo, Argentina wouldn’t have won the cup. I don’t see any player winning the Ballon’Dor award over Messi. If Barca are able to pull off the return of Messi, then he will turn into Argentina version of Messi for them!!

  3. FIFA is live streaming U20 WC. It is available in their website. All the best to our lads. Easier group & they may have some time to settle down. Added advantage of home crowd support. Hoping Masche gets it right with Gerth & DiLollo this time.

    • Thank you so much amit for theese great news as i was trying to figure out how to watch theese ARG U20 matches ! I just checked in to FIFA’s U20 website and Yes it looks right as i found out this from their official U20 website :

      FIFA+ to stream all matches from U-20 World Cup
      Competition takes place between 20 May to 11 June in Argentina
      Find out how you can follow the action live
      The FIFA U-20 World Cup™ gets under way in Argentina on Saturday 20 May – and the tournament is being streamed live on FIFA+!

      The illustrious competition has been graced by the likes of Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi and Luis Figo over the years and is again set to showcase some of the most exciting young talents on the planet.

      Full details of the territories where FIFA+ live streams and full match replays are available can be found below, while two-minute highlights on all matches will be available with FIFA.

      Click here to access our FIFA U-20 World Cup live streaming platform

      So thank you amit once more !

  4. Roy Nemer, Thank you so much for theese refressing memorable moments from the past U20 WC which Argentina U20 won all ! Re-watched allready the 2001 and 2005 finals as with great memories rememberd once again ! Both were great games as obviously the 2005 final against Nigeria was more difficult game to win as 2001 was great performance from De’ Alessandro completly Bossin’ the game and the 3rd goal was absolutly magnificient play from Andreas De’ Alessandro for Maxi Rodríguez to Finnish it off with pure technical class and calmness ! So many great Argentina players startin as i can luckily remember from EL DIEGO and CO. has been presenting with ARG U 20 in previous U20 WC’s til’ 2005 for MESSI and KUN, ZABALAETA & CO. to win this tournament in the past so many times for ARGENTINA as the latest with KUN and BANEGA, ROMERO & CO. at 2007 ! Thanx for all those players who were able to present ARG U20 in the past as some obviously kept presenting Arg with LA SELECCION with our beloved ALBICELESTE ! Generally i’m very happy with 3 star’s as ARG have won the WC 3 times, but still i do feel that, ARG was so unlucky too not win at least 2 more WC’s as specially 1990 and 2014, when they did reached the finals as also 2002 team should have won with such team, but they were just ment to be as things in life don’t allways work your way’s etc..

    Looking for to MASCHERANO’s second chance with U 20’s of ARGENTINA and even very disapointed about MANU’s, BRIGHTON’s and REAL’s decissions about not rekeasing Garnacho, Buonanotte and Paz, still i wish all the best for Masche’s U20 team and hopefully they will gain from home advantage !

    • By saying this i do really mean that in my own eyes and with my own experience from football i do rank ARG the best ever football nation of the world, even some nation’s have won the WC more than 3 times…, still ARG is way the best for my self as also Arg and Uruguay has won most of the COPA AMERICA too, which for me is more harder and tougher competition than the EURO’s forexample, though in the past there were only 4 team’s in the finals as only in 1980 it exapanded to 8 team’s and back then the EURO’s were way more competive than now as there were only 8 team’s in the finals until 1996 it was raised to double as 16 team’s, which still kept the competion competive enough, but the at 2016 the mount of team’s were raised again to 24 and i won’t be surprised with further more expanding the actual tournament etc…as expanding the UCL with the newly proposed format will be absolute killer for the players, who allready play way too many game’s in one caleder year ! So in a way the club football is just growing way too strong by those Richs clubs gaining way too much power and who do have enourmous mount’s of money available to them as all the clubs without money will just suffer basicly more and in the end all theese huge amount’s of club game’s, that will maybe be played in the future, well they will deffenetly take it’s toll on National Football as there will be basicly no more time to arrange friendliess and also players will arrive more and more tired to Internatiol tournaments if so many club game’s will be hold in one calender year, well i do like club football also, specially those club’s with Argentine player’s as this year’s UCL, EUROPA LEAGUE AND CONFRENCE LEAGUE are just top of icing on the cake, which was won by Arg at 18.12.2022 !

      So, yes very happy to see so many Argentine players presented in theese 3 upcoming finals, but still for me somehow it is all about National Football and specially about Argentina NT LA SELECCION as our beloved ALBICELESTE and i do truly hope, that the International Football will not loose it ground in global football, just because of some rich clubs around the world etc…well, it may be still to yearly to say or judge, so i will keep my Finger’s crossed for the sake of International Football !

    • Simeone and Cheap Atletico Madrid’s decision to play their best player Griezmann as a sub for 70% of the season was why both players and the team suffered. They would have challenged Barca for the title if Simeone had trusted his fellow Argentines more and Atletico didn’t try to save transfer money they owed Barca!

      • At least he played Molina consistently in the vast majority of the games. Which is a bit unusual and not typical of the most defensive minded modern coaches to so consistently play one of the most offensive fullbacks around in today’s game.

        • There were rumors before the world cup Atletico looking for a new RB, unsatisfied with Molina but after the world cup he has shut all his critics and might be offered a new long term contract soon.

        • I thought that too, kind of a paradox that Molina has so many goals and assists despite being a full back in a Simeone system. Remember he was also the top scorer for all defenders last season in the top five leagues

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