Argentina possible home, away shirts for 2024 Copa America leaked


Argentina’s home and away shirts for the 2024 Copa America have been leaked.

The reigning World Cup, Copa America and Finalissima champions will get new shirts the 2024 Copa America. According to Footy Headlines, the home shirt will have the traditional sky blue and white vertical stripes with the AFA badge and the Adidas badge in gold.

The three stars above the AFA crest will be slightly adjusted from the one that is currently there. The lettering is also expected to be in gold.

For the away shirt, Adidas are set to revert back to the blue from the 2006 World Cup and the early 1990s shirts. The badge and crest would be in a lighter shade of blue with the three stars in white.


  1. This may be a silly question, but in theory couldn’t Scaloni also coach the U20’s? Being a national team manager already means playing very few games, sometimes with 4-5 month gaps in between, and I don’t think there is hardly ever any overlap between U20 and senior matches or tournaments. As we all know we picked Scaloni out of that position as an under 20 coach and he did well in that role. He would be able to get to know the young players more closely which would help their assimilation into the senior team in the next years and help him get a deeper understanding of his future players. He has already called up Soule, Romero, etc to the senior team. Pardon my ignorance, but have we ever had a manager do a double role like that before? It seems logical to me because again, both teams play few matches as it is and there is a natural overlap and connection among them, I don’t think it would be far fetched for Scaloni to also coach the U20s. The U17s and U15s as well may be a bit much but at least the U20s and even the olympic team.

    • Oh and on top of that it would bring a connection between both teams in terms of a common goal of how to play and tactics, so the move up into the senior team is easier for the young players and they are already accustomed to how to play and what is expected of them.

    • It’s not a silly Q Olive, I wondered the same thing. My guess is the final decision comes down to Scaloni himself and I think he’s happy with his current status and doesn’t want to add any extra work, otherwise I don’t see any problem for Scaloni, Ayala, Samuel and Pablito to coach the senior and jr sides. Honestly I would take Aimar or Placente over Mascherano any day of the week and twice on sunday because thus far it’s painfully obvious that (sadly) the latter has no clue.

      • I wonder how someone like Mascherano who was coached by Bielsa, Benitez, and Guardiola has no clue about the game. I think we should give him some time. Mascherano was a very clever and tactical player. Remember that we said the same thing regarding Scaloni.

        • Half of coaching is not knowing what to do, but how to communicate it and how to manage individuals.. especially youth. He needs xp.

    • Olive, as Mamoun allready wrote your question is far from silly ! I’m rootin’ also for this kind of same idea or like Mamoun wrote also myself would prefer any day Placente too!

      As i think he has done very well til’ now !

      But, maybe this is up to Scaloni to decide himself or for some other unknown reason, that we are not aware of, at least yet…

      But, like u said it would only big benefit as obviously working both ways and serving the purpose of U20 and the senior team and to work also closely with Placente’s team would also make sense too !

      Even 1-2 Person’s out of Scaloni, Pablito, Ayala and Samuel will be fantastic and even just one to start off would be more than good !

      Anyhow great post’s u been posting lately about players, that u mentioned some days ago etc…so just keep posting as when ever u can and have time for it as your post’s have allways a very good intrest and valid points too for so many of us here in Mundo as i too enjoy reading them, like also other post’s from many other members too !

      It is also very nice to see a lot’s unity around many post’s from different members around Mundo as this obviously only can make us stronger and more connected as it is also what the whole world need’s too !

      Offcourse many of us don’t alkways agree with eachother’s writing, but that is just one part/aspect of the bigger picture and sometime’s arguing/disagreeing can bring positiveness after sometime/, when the time has passed enough for to move forward again etc…

      TaKe care and looking for to for more of your update’s or anyone’s else’s update’s here in Mundo, as my Spanish is not that strong enough to search for the info, that i’m most intrested about as Arg’s current football in general so i can basicly only observe by watching the game itself, but allways eager to learn more and hear the latest update’s specially about potential future players for LA SELECCION our beloved Albiceleste !

  2. I like it, then again it’s hard to have a bad Argentina shirt. I was skeptical about the camoflague one but it turned out great. Really like the gold

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