Jamie Carragher: “Apologies to Lisandro Martínez”


Jamier Carragher has come out and apologised to Lisandro Martínez.

Carragher was critical of Lisandro’s height when he was first signed by Manchester United. The former player turned pundit has received much criticism throughout the season due to his comments about Lisandro’s height.

Manchester United brought the 25 year old in last summer and Carragher was quick to point out Lisandro’s height and not being tall enough to play in the Premier League. Carragher has since changed his opinion.

Now at the end of the Premier League season, Carragher appeared on Monday Night Football and named Lisandro as his surprise of the season.

“That’s not about Lisandro Martinez, that’s about any centre-back coming to the Premier League who is well under six foot, you think ‘he’s going to have a problem’ but he hasn’t.

“Every player has weaknesses, whatever that may be. Whether that be physically or techinically. And the best players hide thir weaknesses, we’ve all got them, no one’s a perfect player.

“And I just thought ‘how can you overcome that in the Premier League’… but when you’re now talking about the role of Casemiro and when he’s not in the Man United team, I think it’s (also) a massive drop off when Martínez is not in the Man United team; defensively but also his ability on the ball and playing out of the back.

“He’s a warrior, he’s a leader and when you think of the spine of the team – certainly him and Casemiro – I think they’ve made a huge difference. So apologies Lisandro! And Man United fans can you please stop tweeting me about Lisandro!”

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