Argentina U20 starting eleven vs. Guatemala, Juan Gauto starts


Argentina U20 national team coach Javier Mascherano has named his started eleven as Tomas Aviles and Juan Gauto both start for the tam.

Javier Mascherano has made two changes to the team which won 2-1 vs. Uzbeksitan on Saturday. Mascherano has started Tomas Avile in place of Lautaro Di Lollo and Juan Gauto in place of Brian Aguirre. Here is the starting eleven:

Gómes Gerth; Giay, Avilés, Gómez, Barco; Tanlongo, Perrone, Carboni; Gauto, Véliz and Soulé.


  1. Redondo: Play like Busquets
    Soule ,Carboni: Pure class players
    Tanlongo: Decent no.5
    Perrone: Promising No.6
    Aguirre: Typical wingers
    The above players have potential to be promoted to national team .

    Barco : Good at dribbling but still very raw .especially weak at passing and freekick.But have potential

    Aviles: Except a red card ,he is fine .tall ,fast Definitely better than di lollo. But there is a long way in front of him to be called up in national team . still promising

    Giay: Poor at defense but decent in moving forward ,overlapping.

    Gomez: Reliable but looks like moderate player

    Luka Romero: Though score a goal ,isn’t impressive enough .I won’t rate him as highly as Soule, Garnacho .

    Veliz: strong ,tall and good at header .nothing more

    Puch : Fast ,Strong and better in dribbling and creat chances himself. I would prefer puch rather than veliz .

    Juan Gauto: moderate winger

    Vega: still need more time to prove himself

    Infantino: nothing special

    Di lollo : The worst player so far

    Gerth : not that impressive

    • I agree with most of your vision. But I think Barco is a pure talent. His passing/crossing was just off today but that is something he can easily fix. He looks dangerous going forward. I think he will make a huge difference going forward in the knock outs. And Veliz is a typical striker, his sense of placement is good. Puch maybe better with the ball but his selfish approach which I did not like. He should be careful because Lionels are watching these games i think.

  2. Redondo Pure class like father like son.
    Mark my word he will be called to senior sooner than later.
    what a composure on and off the ball….dad trained him well.
    Barco did not play well …was surprised… expected more from him. his crosses were very bad.
    Carboni played well.
    N0 21 is not a good replacement for Veliz. Puch i think his name. too selfish.
    I feel this game missed Aguire.
    Most important thing is we qualified.
    till the next one.

  3. Veliz’s aerial strength & Gerth’s one confidence building save is the highlight of the first half which had so much of ineffective possession.

  4. Does anyone know how the rules apply? Can we have called up Echeverri or Santi López or Subiabre to the under 20. Why isn’t Prestianni playing? Just saying this team has Carboni Soule Barco and not much else. U17 team talent is far superior.
    And wtf is this Tanlongo doing. The guy can’t put together 2 passes. Total hack.

    • Don’t know really….? As all i do know that Japan has an 18 year old player born in Barcelona, but could had also played for ARG as his father is Argentine from La Plata and now cheering his son back in Argentina since 1976, when his family had to flee the military dictarorship from Argentina and settle in Barcelona and this kid called Niko Takahashi who eventually ended up in La Masia is playing for Japan, because he felt real strong support from the Japanese federation and by his coach who has given him allways lot’s playing time as basicly since starting up as young child he was allready noticed by many in Catalonia and they even tried to get him to play for Catalonia as when he decided to join Barca’s La Masia also Espanyol and Girona were intrested as this kid has allways played with 2 year’s older players than himself since his very early youthdays etc…so now his father being super happy back in La Plata since 1976 and also many of their Argentine relatives/family members are there to show their support for Niko Takahashi( half Argentine) and he seems very eager to get know his Argentine family side from La Plata as obviously his father being Argentine so as his Grand parents etc…as obviously also huge fan of Argentina and Messi, but also obviously fan of the Blue Samurai’s too as playing for them now in at age 18 in U20 WC in Argentina !

    • So seems like it is confirmed now as only Gauto coming in instead of Aguirre as otherwise exactly same line up than against Uzbekistan….a bit disapointed, that Tanlongo keep’s his place instead of Redondo, but hopefully Masche now’s better….?

      Is that true or more off an wish about Di Lollo ? as i would not mind to see someone else in his place…

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