Argentina U20 coach Javier Mascherano: “The team tried and the boys left everything”


Argentina U20 national team coach Javier Mascherano spoke to the media following the team’s 2-0 loss vs. Nigeria at the U20 World Cup.

Javier Mascherano’s Argentina U20 national team were unable to get the win and have been eliminated from the tournament. Mascherano spoke to the media after the match. Here is what he had to say:

“I knew that it would cost us if we were careless and that penalised us a lot.

“The team tried and the boys left everything. The guys have to try and lift their heads up and continue with their clubs.

“In this game, merit has nothing to do with the result. It hurts our soul. We did everything to try and continue in the tournament.

“Football is like this. At times it gives you and at other times it takes away. Today was that situation and you have to congratulate Nigeria.

“We showed calmness to play and we played the match we had to play but it didn’t give.”


  1. You should have shame, dear Masche. You again lost the 2nd chance, huh?? When AFA will learn from mistake I don’t know.
    You are simply not a coaching material. Just go home & rest in peace. F..k you!

  2. The boys really tried their best.. they died for the NT shirt.. only thing Masche need to do in his training session is improving the decision on attacking third.. we should have scored 3 goals, if the decision was rightly made in attacking third..
    I hope los pibes will learn from their own experience..
    Mascherano is an average coach in my opinion.. but we can’t blame in today’s game..
    Nigerian are too hard to handle with their physique and pace, our boys gave two silly goals from Re-start (outkick/goal kick).. it’s not acceptable..
    No. 9 is really aerial threat.. I like him.. but less knowledge with the foot, if he improves, that’s a great news for future ..
    Argentine striker with aerial threat is something amazing.. already they are clinical in scoring goals with foot

  3. with all the respect boys played for win a transfer for theirselves. Nothing else.
    To be fair not all of them but the majority of them unfortunately.

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