Javier Mascherano comments on his future as Argentina U20 coach


Javier Mascherano has commented on his future as coach of the Argentina U20 national team.

Mascherano’s Argentina U20 national team were eliminated from the U20 World Cup on Wednesday and Mascherano himself commented on his future as coach. The Argentine spoke about the team and the World Cup and in a separate interview had this to say about his future:

“I have a great relationship with Chiqui Tapia (AFA President). I will continue if they believe that I am good for this.

“He knows that he has my resignation at his desk every day. In the mean time, I am calm. At no time did I come back just for this World Cup. My idea is to continue.”


  1. I’m not defending mach here. But u guys are totally biased.. argentina was wasteful in front of goal absolutely wasteful. That #9 wasted his chances. Carboni missed an absolute sitter. U can’t blame a coach for players being wasteful. So u gonna blame sabella and Martino for higuain misses? Argentina wasted their chances while Nigeria took there’s. Argentina dominated and created enough chances to win. Last game all praise for mach because they took their chances but now crucify him because they couldn’t score? U can’t blame a coach for players fault.

    • That’s a fair comment I think. Masche was wrong about bringing Infantino though, putting some much faith in Gomes Gerth and also probably not starting Roman Vega as one of the central defenders.

  2. Genius decision to double down on Mascherano after he failed to even qualify. Another master stroke from AFA. I guess all the reward money from the World Cup has already been pocketed by executives and politicians.

  3. Mascherano is not a good coach still. He is the main reason we didn’t qualify for the WC. He’s the main reason we are out in first KO.
    He has a long way to go..
    Sad to see Argentina eliminated…
    AFA did a mistake in appointing the same failed coach again and expecting another result…!

  4. Incredibly if Garnacho, Nico Paz, Buenanotte where there this moron Mascherano would have still gotten us eliminated. We need to stop romanticizing situations and people by giving them positions they are incapable of succeeding in. Some moron somewhere has fallen in love with the idea that Mascherano should be able to lead because he was the captain of the senior team and a good person while the truth is he never won anything with the senior team and wasn’t even that important on his club teams. That is the truth. We didn’t even want Scaloni because he wasn’t sexy or romanticized but he won everything. Practical solutions for problems usually work, unless you are the AFA and you usually fuck things up by getting in your own way.

  5. 🇦🇷 vs 🇳🇬
    1.26 Expected Goals 1.39
    66% Ball Possession 34%
    27 Goal Attempts 10
    5 Shots on Goal 5
    14 Shots off Goal 4
    8 Blocked Shots 1
    16 Free Kicks 12
    11 Corner Kicks 5
    0 Offsides 5
    3 Goalkeeper Saves 5
    12 Fouls 11
    3 Yellow Cards 0
    528 Total Passes 298
    464 Completed Passes 228
    146 Attacks 102
    106 Dangerous Attacks 66

  6. I was right, once Mache team face a decent side, they’d lose. Beating Uzbekistan and Guatemalla proof nothing. In Toulon tournament last year, his team also won against weaker side but lost 6-2 to France. If wasnt Garnacho’s brace it would have been 6-0 thrashing.

    AFA got nobody to blame. They got second chance by being a host after already failing to qualify, but instead of having Aimar , they decided to sticked with Masche.

    The u17 has been better, but having Masche to coach them would ruin their chemistry instead of improving it.

    • Sadly I agree with you. I didn’t see the game but just based on his line up I knew it was pathetic. This double five shit in Tanlongo (who isn’t very good) and Redondo (who is very good) doesn’t work. Also, Soule gives you more than Romero even though Romero has some fantastic moments.
      Mostly though, Mascherano is not a good manager. He is not experienced, has limited ideas, and honestly needs to sit next to several real managers for a good 5 to 6 years before I would give him a small club job. The U20 job is too important and he just isn’t good enough to select players or manage them.

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