Luka Romero comments on Argentina U20’s elimination from U20 World Cup


Luka Romero commented on the Argentina U20 national team’s elimination from the U20 World Cup.

Romero was one of the standout players for the Argentina U20 national team at the tournament. The 18 year old scored two goals in four matches and took to Instagram to comment about the team. Here is what he had to say:

“It wasn’t what we want. The group and all of you were united for the goal which was the Cup. We weren’t able to get it but there are many positive things that we got. This is a long process and we will continue to train to improve ourselves.

“I want to thank you for supporting us in every stadium and to the Argentina delegation for having us live some very nice days. I am proud of the team, we left it all until the last moment. Vamos Argentina!”


  1. I think Soule is a bit overrated, perhaps because he plays with Juve. For me, Redondo and Aguirre were the positive revelations. Gomes Gerth, geez…he looked as if he was going to sh*t his pants. Someone wrote that the youngsters played for themselves, instead of the team. I second that, and unfortunately, the Olympics will be another wasted opportunity.

  2. He was indeed one of the revelations of the tournament and who would have thought he would overshadow Soule?

    I was also impressed by Redondo, Gauto, Barco, Carboni and Roman Vega. Don’t know why Mascherano did not trust Vega at LCB vs Nigeria. I expected more from Giay both offensively and defensively but he was mediocre at best. All of our youngsters are pretty raw though which is understandable given their age.

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