PSG coach Christophe Galtier confirms Lionel Messi exit


PSG coach Christophe Galtier has confirmed that Lionel Messi is leaving the club.

Christophe Galtier spoke at a press conference on Thursday stating that Lionel Messi is leaving PSG. It has been no secret that Messi will not be continuing at PSG and the coach confirmed just that.

Galtier stated that PSG’s match against Clermont will be his last at the Parc des Princes. Here is what he had to say:

“I had the privilege of coaching the best player in the history of football. It will be Leo’s last match at the Parc des Princes against Clermont.

“The remarks, the criticism… Not at all justified. Not at all justified. When you’re 35 years old with a World Cup in the middle of the season and in the end your stats are around… 21 goals and 22 assists…”

Lionel Messi has been linked with a move away from PSG with a possible return to FC Barcelona, a supposed big money offer from Saudi Arabia and a move to Inter Miami.


  1. #FakParis.
    It would be optimal that Miami fronts the money to have Messi join Barca for two years, then finish his career 2 years in Miami. Win win win for all parties.

  2. After leaving Barca MESSI has started winning international trophies. I think PSG turned out to be a lucky club for MESSI. I don’t know why pep guardiola is not showing any interest for him. He has only praise to shower on MESSI. Barca has become an important club under xavi. Barca is using xavi to get MESSI back at Barca.

  3. Wasted? No, he used the club as a training ground to come in optimal condition for the world cup. And he delivered. Mission accomplished. We should not shed tears for used toilet paper (=PSG). Now, the frenchy can go fakk themselves.

  4. Messi just wasted his 2 invaluable years in that $hit of a club!! Glory hunter Mbappe feasted on Messi’s superb playmaking while giving him minimal chances to score! I hope Messi, Barca and Al-hilal come up with some kind of agreement to let Messi retire from Europe at Barca. With Messi back Barca will be a strong contender to win the champions league next season. They already have a super tight defense and with Messi and Lewandowski upfront and hardworking mids behind these two , Messi can retire by winning the Champions league !! Hopefully Laporta doesn’t betray him again!!

    • I think playing in a weaker league actually helped Messi to be in optimal condition for the WC and ultimately we all benefited. But PSG has no pedigree nonetheless…

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