Julián Álvarez wins FA Cup with Manchester City


Julián Álvarez has won the FA Cup with Manchester City.

Álvarez has won his second trophy with Manchester City this season. Despite not playing in the 2-1 win vs. Manchester United in the final, Álvarez scored three goals and had two assists in five FA Cup matches this season.

After winning the Premier League and now the FA Cup with Manchester City, his eye are set on the Champions League final next week. For Manchester United, Alejandro Garnacho was brought on as a substitute.

Congratulations to Julián Álvarez on winning the FA Cup!


  1. Argentina best defenders and Midfielders based this season excluding otamendi and pezzella .
    1 Lisandro martinez
    2 medina
    3 cuti Romero
    4 marcos senesi
    5 balerdi
    6 perez

    Best Midfielders
    1 Enzo Fernandez
    2 macallister
    3 de Paul
    4 palacios
    6 lo celso
    7 Guido Rodriguez

  2. Leo balerdi has the best attributes to be very very good defender, if he is coached proper, he is same height as pezzella or just short cm His ball playing skills is very good, he is the fastest of all Argentine defenders
    His weakness is lack concentration and make mistakes here and there but if he sort out himself, he could be otamendi’s replacement in near future.

    • Lack of concentration is as bad as being error prone if not worst. Pezella is an error prone defender while Otamendi is very impetuous. He had a great world cup until the last 10mins and his lack of focus almost cost us the world cup. Also Molina letting Mbappe score his second goal can be attributed to both the shock of conceding a penalty and lack of concentration due to high emotions.

      • Truer, the worst thing you can do as a defender is make mistakes.
        Besides the final, Otamendi had a couple other bad mistakes. I thought Romero was extremely solid the entre tournament but not as flashy.

  3. I hope lo celso moves to Aston villa and praying to God, cuti Romero to move big club like Manchester or Liverpool somehow bcs spurs isn’t a club you want Argentine players to be around.

  4. Players like Messi wouldn’t get complacent just because he has won the World Cup as long as he believes he has more to contribute to Argentina. He will not move out of Europe. His eyes are on the next Copa to win another trophy for Argentina (given his body allows). A lot of Argentinians underestimated his love for the country.

    • It’s not him alone but his family as well. As I mentioned before, I don’t like his dad taking decisions for him. I hope I’m wrong and he doesn’t Saudi for next two years.
      It is more likely that he goes to Saudi as that would make him a billionaire in two years.

  5. Brother I wanna to know is there any rumors of transfer for Mauro Icardi..???
    He is still one of the clean number 9 of the world now…
    & A lot of first class team is searching that kind number 9
    So why no Icardi???
    I am seriously very interested about his transfer rumors

  6. Am I reading this wrong? Or did Israel beat Brazil just now 3-2. Two of Israel’s goals were from Palestinians. Strange!…. Dr. Strange…. This is one of those marvel multiverse moments…

    • Sorry-ass pitiful and pathetic Brazil and as far as these two players playing for the ultimate enemy! there is no point of stating the obvious as in who or what these two are

      • 😂 @dfox1942
        Well said.
        It’s just crazy to me, Israel has a terrible team generally speaking, you would never ever believe they would beat a Brazilian team, any Brazilian team.. And the fact that two arabs scored the goals for them just makes it even more Willy Wonka to me !!!

      • LOL Dfox, you sound like an Arab, because I (as an Arab) was thinking the very thing about those 2 players, which isn’t necessarily fair because they’re just2 athletes playing the game they love, sadly it’s very hard for the rest of the world to separate the sport from the politics.

        • mamoun elpipita, LOL funny you should say that because not only am I an Arab as well, but a son of a Palestinian father and a Lebanese mother, born in Lebanon, grew up in the Persian Gulf (U.A.E, Abu Dhabi) and moved to the States when I was 17 more than 33 years ago.
          I’ve been a member of this site for 12 or 13 years and the issue never came up but never forgotten who I am or where I came from.
          Here is the shocker though, my father is a Brazil fan ( Loves Messi) and my brother may he RIP was a HUGE Germany fan. I remember him jokingly complaining to my mother when I turned his offer down to watch the 2014 WC final together but I did promptly congratulate him after the win just like I did in 2010.
          I know my brother would have been extremely happy for me when ARGENTINA won Copa and the WC because he knew how bad I wanted it.

          • All of us are arabs? 😂
            I am of Arab parents born in Buenos Aires. “Elturko Alpotreeno” was my nick name, and some bad nick names too 😂😂😂

          • @ Dfox1942
            .كلو siteهلا فيك عزيزي و الله نورت ال

            For those of you wondering I just said “hello and welcome” to Dfox in arabic.

            @ sorinxcrespo, السلام to you too buddy and to everyone on this site, Arabic, muslim or not.

      • @elpipita mamoun
        و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله
        حتئ أنا نتكلم العربي يا خوية. اصلا، العرب هما احسن جمهور لي منتخب الارجنيتين ههههه هههه

        • Thank you mamoun elpipita and SorinXcrespO for the kind words.
          My Arabic spelling is horrendous so I’m not going to even try but my reading is decent while my speech is perfect.
          Ahallan Wa Sahllan Wa Shukraan alla El kaalaam el Heelooh

        • SorinX well done buddy I figured you wouldn’t be able to speak arabic considering that you grew up in Argentina but it’s clear that you had good parents who made sure you’d never forget your family’s origins.

          Dfox, no need to write arabic buddy, this is an english site after all and us speaking arabic would just exclude the rest and that wouldn’t be fair, English does us all just fine.

  7. Chelsea & Newcastle entered the race to sign Messi. Poch is the Chelsea coach now & Newcastle is in UCL next season & new money giants in epl.
    Personally I don’t think Messi will retire from European football this season at least. Bcz he’s fully capable to continue in Europe for two more season I believe.
    & From football view Al Hilal & Inter Miami are just dead clubs. Inter Miami is at last position currently in MLS! So A player like Messi strature why will go there when he’s completely capable to continue in Europe?! I don’t think so. Money?! He’ll surely get big offers after two years too!
    & Newcastle has Saudi connection too, & most importantly they will play UCL next season.
    So if the rumor is correct, Newcastle may be Messi’s most logical destination.

  8. Next season is going to be very important season for both Alvarez and Garnacho! Haaland scored a lot of goals in the start of the season but ever since the man-marking started he has slowed down by a lot! Alvarez’s performance this season demands more starts and minutes next season and I don’t think Haaland will continue his honeymoon into the next year. Alvarez will have to make most of the chances if he is to challenge for the starting striker position at city but he stays as a rotation player he will need to gtfo from there! He will be very important player next world cup and has the potential to become the main star of the team as MESSI will be gone which is why we need him to play as a starting striker and not a 15min backup!

    With Garnacho, he has had a lot of mins for a 18 years old boy this year but next season will be very important for him in United. He will get a lot more mins next season and if he fails to improve on this season stats then United could send him out on loan. However, if he plays to his potential he can have a breakout season next year!! With Sancho failing to impress Garnacho’s role will be lot bigger and important!

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