Lionel Messi releases short statement as he leaves PSG


Lionel Messi has released a short statement as he gets ready to leave PSG.

Messi will be playing his final game for PSG on Saturday and the Best player in the World spoke to PSG’s website where he said the following:

“I would like to thank the club, the city of Paris and its people for these two years. I wish you all the best for the future”.

The World Cup winner has been linked with a move back to FC Barcelona while also reportedly receiving an offer from Inter Miami.


  1. Yesterday in Paris was a fitting goodbye.
    Completely unmemorable performance from the disjointed team.
    The 7th loss of the season.
    No applause substitutions for Messi or Ramos.
    Lacklustre performance from Messi (and all his team mates).
    Lots of whistles and boos.
    Good decision to leave.

    Now find a team where players run their asses off for him,like De Paul, Molina, Enzo, Alexis and Akvarez did. A team with several star players won’t work anymore, because others will have to compensate his lack of defending.

  2. Yes, the French never got over eating a plateful of dog shit after Argentina beat them in the World Cup. They can kiss Messi’s ass. Every last one of those sissies.

  3. I’m so happy that he finally leaves. It was a very though 2 years for him at Paris. If it wasn’t for Argentina he would be depressed and hate his profession and passion.

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