Ander Herrera speaks on Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María, Juan Riquelme


Ander Herrera is in Argentina and spoke about Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María and Juan Riquelme.

Herrera commented about having played alongside Lionel Messi at PSG. Speaking in an interview with ESPNArgentina, here is what he had to say:

“I read statements by Dybala that got him killed in Argentina for saying that it is difficult to play with Leo. I looked for a meaning in it: Being at his level is difficult. Give it to him where he wants it, understand what he wants at all times. Leo is a silent leader.”

He also spoke about Messi being whistled at by PSG fans:

“It surprises me… He is the best I have seen in my life as a player and as a guy.”

The Spaniard also played alongside Ángel Di María at both Manchester United and PSG. He spoke about Di María’s situation at Manchester United:

“Van Gaal had an idea of football with a lot of control of the game, possession, few turnovers.

“I remember a game was ending and Van Gaal was watching the video and said: “Ángel, you lost this ball”. But if Ángel doesn’t lose them, who is going to lose them?”

He also confessed his love for Juan Riquelme and Boca Juniors:

“”I’m a little crazy about Boca and sometimes I would stay until 2-3 am to watch Riquelme and one day I put out a tweet and it went viral. A slow fake, he looks slow but he speeds up the game.

“It’s one of my dreams that I’ve always had, to be able to go to la Bombonera. My father used to come here a lot because he worked in the sports management of Zaragoza and Celta and signed many Argentines.

“I have a collection (Boca shirts). I remember my dad would always come, I would tell him that when Boca would come out onto the pitch to call me even if it was 2:00 am. I wanted to listen to it (fans) and tomorrow I will be able to live it.”


  1. I don’t know who said what or why but Papu is a player that served the NT well whenever he could and his NT retirement should be imminent.
    There is a plethora of young talent currently and shortly after that needs to be plugged into the future team equation.

    • Exactly, even though witchcraft is an innate belief in Argentina for centuries now, but Papu stooping to this level to sideline GLC for his own benefit is extremely difficult to believe and digest. He has been an exceptional team man throughout this journey of La Scaloneta. I really can’t believe this.

    • Yes bro I saw twitter about it , I think di maria, de Paul, paredes and lo celso gang against papu gomez
      I love Argentina nt and it’s the best time to be Argentina fan , friendship is fan but I hate too much friendship and that the reason the olds will continue to play till they can’t run. Don’t get me wrong friendship is fine but it has to be with it limit.

      • The issue relates to Lo Celso’s injury before the WC. People say Papu was behind GLC’s injury using black magic or something like that on him to miss the WC. It could be a tabloid news, who knows.
        But there is another incident which makes you suspicious about Papu; before the start of 2018 WC he hurted Biglia and that seemed very intentional to me.

        • But who are these people? I mean is there any truth to this at all? Or some random conspiracy from foreign media trying to break up the brotherhood within the squad? I have read only one count of this news wherein Flavio Azzaro apparently threw his suspicions at Papu’s absence from the squad in the friendlies or the fact that the instagram photo had another version of it by replacing Papu…

        • Idiot, who talked about Messi. Why you mention Gonzalo all the time even after he stopped coming to the forum? I think he was the one made you leave Argentina and support Brazil until 2021. Yeah, he made life difficult for you, but I thought you weren’t feeling that trauma anymore.

          • Bro he should be fully depressed since Messi and Di Maria have won the World Cup or even committed suicide earlier after the Copa win. If it for that idiot our team would have been in WC: Emi Tagliafico Lisandro Barboza Di Placido Ascacibar De Paul Maxi Meza Gonzalo Martinez Gaich and Cervi.

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