Increased offer from Saudi Arabia for Lionel Messi, offers from Premier League


The Lionel Messi transfer saga continues with reports that Saudi Arabia have improved their offer for him and he has received two offers from Europe.

Lionel Messi will be playing club football outside of Paris next season but his destination remains unknown. Fernando Polo states that La Liga have given Barcelona the green light, which would allow them to negotiate for Messi.

Meanwhile, Gerard Romero has stated that Saudi Arabia have increased their offer for Messi but he has not yet decided. And a separate report by Dario AS in Spain states that he has received two offers from Europe, possibly from the Premier League.


  1. Barca for sure 2 seasons..
    Al hilal from 2024-25 season but not the same bid as currently in the table. But for huge money sure,
    No party suffers, win-win situation for all..

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