Inter Miami confirm Lionel Messi signing


Inter Miami have confirmed that Lionel Messi will be joining them.

The club released a video on Wednesday, minutes following Lionel Messi’s interview, confirming that will be playing in Miami. The club’s owner, Jorge Mas, had also confirmed it in a tweet.


  1. It’s sad but after winning WC. he want peace in life. 2 years in Psg was very toxic. With MLS i think he will leave NT after Copa… He will be 37 in June 2024 when Copa starts.

  2. Do you know whose not going to sleep tonight or should I say not sleeping right now?
    HER HIGHNESS, how dare Messi be in the news and not just any news, seismic……..mark my words, She’ll move to MLS once her contract runs out or find a way to do it next year.

  3. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m ready for some football already…..the 2 friendlies, the CL final and the U20 WC starting back tomorrow……….LET’S GO Uruguay!!!

    Watching MLS is going to be weird since I never did and I already know tickets will be instantly sold-out the sec Miami comes here to play, but it won’t stop me from trying 😉
    I am pretty sure Messi’s name will be mentioned tonight when the Heat host the Nuggets for the NBA Finals.

  4. Enjoy South Beach campeón! He has won everything and completed football. At 35 we have to accept that his era has come to an end but also be happy that it had the happiest of endings. He has nothing to prove and it would be wise for Scaloni and Argentina to start planning for life without him in the squad. He has earned life at the beach

  5. I don’t think this is the end of Leo. He will play at least one more Copa America, and maybe some qualifying. But at 40 he will not be a factor for the next wc.
    I live in Florida, and it’s beautiful place to live and he will not be chased as much because very few people care about football here like anywhere else. He will have a fantastic quality of life, and a lot more privacy.

  6. Messi deserves to play wherever he wants. He has earned that privileged. Time to relax with his family in a country where he has freedom. And MLS is ranked 10th compared to 66th camel league. So he can play competitive while getting enough rest.. so I find everyone here should respect his decision and wish him well!!!!!!

  7. That PIC up there says it ALL……enjoy the endless summer, sunshine, semi-retirement, thundershowers, and the occasional hurricane or 2.

    • This is true my friend but for decide to go there it means that he is done. Nobody can beat nature unfortunately. He knows his body. it will be the worst to stay in Europe and not be able to follow the rest. We can t ask from him anything more. He give us everything. He deserves to let him rest in peace about the endings of his football career.

      • Yeah, we can’t ask for anything else and he does know his physical limits and im sure theres a mental aspect to it. He said something like he doesn’t want his future to be uncertain playing for Barca (they cancelled offer last minute before) and he doesn’t want to be in the middle of Barca reducing other players salaries. Maybe he could work in a place like City but going to Barca i’m sure is too much physical and mental responsibility.

    • Messi will turn 36 very soon bro, he gave his all to the shirt, I don’t mind him at Miami personally, even though it’s a bit weird to have him play at 18K stadium in Fort Lauderdale. With AFA expanding its presence in the area it’s not such a bad move…

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