Lionel Messi helps Inter Miami surpass North American sports teams on Instagram


Lionel Messi has helped Inter Miami surpass more than 5 million followers on Instagram, more than any North American sports team.

The Messi effect is in full swing. Inter Miami were previously at 1 million followers on Instagram but have now jumped to over 5 million, since the announcement of Lionel Messi joining the club.

That number is big in and of itself but they now lead North America. According to Front Office Sports, that is more than any NFL, MLB, NHL or MLS team.


    • Messi have retired from club football. This move is about that. Inter Miami is not only at the bottom, they do not have a coach also.

  1. For the 1st match against Australia. I would like to see.

    Molina otamendi medina acuna. Enzo. MacA. Gonzalez Messi garnacho. Alvarez. 4231.

  2. Its also great that Messi left Europe staying at the top, heads held high. He is the front runner of Balon D’or and WC champion. It would hurt to see Messi retiring from Europe on a low. Age catches up to everyone. Even Messi.

  3. As per reports, in a long run Messi could be making more and consistent money from Inter Miami than Saudi deal. Apple has brought the TV rights and will be giving him certain percentage of TV revenue , Addias will be giving him certain percentage of the shirt sales and he will own a MLS club which cost around $400 million once he retires which will generate him regular income.

    Also in hindsight, a return to Barca could be a bad decision and could destroy his legacy. Barca also had to sell some players and reduce salaries of its current players to get him and if Messi doesn’t pick up from where he left off, media and his haters would make his life hell. Laporta already betrahik once and their was no point waiting for him until the last min again. He is turning 36 next year, has lost significant pace and has achieved everything in Futbal. He has made a wise choice by moving to US. Great country in every aspect to live and bring uo his kids and with millions of Hispanic people he will not have issues communicating. Saudi offered free money but the life would have been extremely difficult for someone who lived in Barcelona and Paris!

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