Carlos Tevez comments on Lionel Messi joining Inter Miami in MLS


Carlos Tevez spoke about Lionel Messi joining Inter Miami in the MLS.

Tevez gave an interview to ESPN where he spoke about the biggest sports news of the week. Here is what he had to say:

“It seems to me that Leo took the decision knowing and understanding his own situation. He didn’t want to go back to Barcelona and have his team mates lower their salaries and be the bad guy again.

“It hurt him more than anyone not being able to return to Barcelona, which is his home. I think it was all very lukewarm on Barcelona’s part.

“Leo opted for the league in the United States. He likes Miami, it’s a tranquility for him and his family. I think what he did was the right thing to do. If it wasn’t Barcelona where he knew he was going to be the center of attraction again, it was nothing in Europe. The decision was very well made.”

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  1. I always liked El Apache and wish he did more for the NT but it wasn’t in the books.
    I see Neymar and Vinny are courtside at the Heat game…..must be nice

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