Julián Álvarez and Máximo Perrone win Champions League with Manchester City


Julián Álvarez and Máximo Perrone both won the Champions League with Manchester City.

Álvarez and Perrone were both on the bench for Manchester City in their 1-0 win vs. Inter in the final. For Julián Álvarez, that’s four trophies this season.

The 23 year old won the World Cup with the Argentina national team while lifting the Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup with Manchester City. He is now the 10th male player in history to win the World Cup and the European Cup in the same season.

For Máximo Perrone, it’s a club treble having won the Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup.

At the age of 23, Julián Álvarez has now won the following trophies:

World Cup
Copa America
Argentine Primera
Copa Libertadores
Copa Argentina
Supercopa Argentina
Trofeo de Campeones
Recopa Sudamericana
Champions League
Premier League
FA Cup

Congratulations to both Julián Álvarez and Máximo Perrone!


  1. He’s playing for the best team in the world under the best manager in the world, it would be insane for him to leave now. He can learn so much under pep and maybe leave in two years. He’s playing on regular basis, didn’t play in the final, big fucking deal. Hes only 23, many many years to come, he will become one of the best strikers in the world, the kid is awesome.

  2. I think the discussion for Julian is simple. I get regular starter minutes or I am leaving. Simple as that. The problem is Man City got him at a low price so they don’t feel the pressure to play him. He needs to leave.
    I’m not an expert in Financial fair play but the champions league is a total joke. Basically you have one team buying the best players on the planet, they are never penalized under FFP, and when they win a trophy a monkey could have coached them to win we congratulate them. That’s why club football will never be as important as World Cup or copa America or even Euros. Buying yourself a trophy is easy. I just wonder how a team like city can have a billion dollar payroll and Barcelona can’t pay Messi 20 million. Yeah, that financial fair play is working like a charm.

    • Talk is very cheap my friend. Don’t assume any coach can match what Pep Guardiola has done. Infact likes of Haaland and Alvarez were not that much rated as they joined city. Many said Haaland will flop. If that’s the case the same should have happened to PSG with prime Neymar, Verrati and Mbappe. Talking of FFP Manchester City only bought Haaland and Alvarez for combined figure less than £70m, then you compare that to Chelsea who spent over £600m in transfer. For your information likes of United and Chelsea has spent more than City since Guardiola joined the club. Kindly get your facts right.

  3. Lautaro chance was from an impossible angle, he had to pass the ball, dont know it was possible or not at all. He was the only one who created chances from Inter, Barella played horrible, always shooted instead of passing, headless chicken.

    • Yeah, a top striker is expected to shoot it between the legs of the keeper, especially when the keeper is charging at you with both his arms extended and instead he shot the ball straight into Ederson’s chest. Unlike his misses in the final and the other important matches in world cup there was no Messi ir Alvarez to redeem Inter and his miss cost Intermilan the champions league. Not only he missed that chance, he failed to pass the ball when inter would built momentum. He had a very poor final compared to how great of a post world cup form he was enjoying. He is lucky Lukaku is taking all the criticism and heat!

      • I agree. A true 9 in good form will convert the chance. Lautaro has lost his golden touch. That is for sure. He might regain it or not.. but he doesn’t have it now.

  4. I totally understand some of your frustrations towards Alvarez, yes he should play more minutes for man City especially for last two final matches, in my humble opinion pep Guardiola would have subbed Haaland for Julian but he kept Haaland because defending set pecies in city box since inter throwing everything in to the city’s 18 yard box. Personally I like Julian Alvarez and I will never forget how he played major role for Argentina to win world cup plus he still in earlier days of his career I’m sure he will earn a start spot and play big games for city in years to come, hey no bad to win triple your first year in European football and score 17 goals 😉

  5. Nothing to be proud of.

    It is an insult actually. He should leave that stupid team. Pep embarrassed him. Give him only garbage minutes in garbage matches in 1 full year. Is that how he treats a world cup winner?

    Even ETH thinks more highly of Garna than Pep/Julian.

    • True. He didn’t have a single minute. Did not feature as a starter in important games. If he wants to ruin his career, let him continue with Manchester City. And Lautaro is the new Gonzalo Higuaín. He was gifted a ball and his return gift to Manchester City was the match. Lukaku was even more horrible. He not only missed from a distance of 5 inches from the keeper. He defended on behalf of Manchester City. Wow !!

    • He will stick around for one more season. Halaand seems to score most goals against weak defense and easy opponents and his recent goal drought and inability to contribute nothing in creativity means Alvarez might feel like he could challenge for the starting spot, however Pep will persist and stick with Halaand for very long time next season even if he doesn’t score frequently. Bringing Foden on for DeBrunne instead of Alvarez shows that Pep doesn’t think of Alvarez more than a backup and sub. Also, if Julian fails to build up on this seasons achievements next year then he could lose a interest from good clubs.

  6. Congrats to Pep. Haaland was missing in all the finals and semi finals.
    Off topic: I used to buy Inter Miami tickets for $30. Now gold is cheaper than an Inter Miami Ticket. Now I gotta wait till October to go the Pink Stadium.

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