Lautaro Martínez starts, Julián Álvarez on the bench in Champions League final


Lautaro Martínez starts for Inter with Julián Álvarez on the bench for Manchester City in the Champions League final.

Martínez is in the starting eleven for Inter with Joaquín Correa being on the bench, same as Julián Álvarez and Máximo Perrone for Manchester City. Here are the starting eleven for Inter:

Lautaro Martínez

The starting eleven for Manchester City:

De Bruyne


  1. It’s funny you know, before this match all I could hear was how out of this world this ManCity team is and how Inter essentially had no chance but then I watched the match and……well, Inter was better and City got lucky. Lautaro did fairly well but should’ve seized that chance after making a predatory run into the box but alas.
    Happy for Julian but he really needs to move on, he is way too good to be 2nd fiddle to anyone. The guy scored 17 goals with limited amount of game time and deserves better than warming the bench for 2 finals but sadly I see him in Mancity for atleast another year and if that’s the case then I hope he goes the route of Grealish who also struggled for minutes in his first season only to beceome integral this season.

  2. City was very nervous and played bad. This was horse shit from a billionaire cheater club with oil money. Inter missed their chances but created the double xG than Citeh.

  3. Haaland scored just 3 goals and has 1 assist in his last 10 games. Now all the opposition know how to mark him out of the game.

    Putting Haaland to Cristiano’s level is a joke….and to Messi’s level is the biggest joke. He will never reach that level even in dreams.

    If Haaland wins Ballon Do’r over Messi, football is dead.

    • Remember when Jorginho claimed Ballon d’Or in 2021, only because he was lucky to be part of the winning teams of Chelsea and Italy. But I think it’s obvious that Messi will win this year.

  4. Inter were no match for City in every department however Inzaghi’s masterclass and Debrune’s injury pushed them back but Inter couldn’t capitalize on any chances they created and Ederson made some great saves! Lukaku is not a 100million striker , he is just a oversize HarryMaguire and Lautaro today didn’t have any chances in his defense. He had one chance in the box and Ederson made a great save thats all. However his off the ball movements and creativeness was very poor and lacking!

    • The way fans were baised towards Lautaro over Alvarez was just annoying. I told guys pep Guardiola deserve respect though am still disappointed my boy Alvarez didn’t get any minutes. But i can’t entirely Pep coz Debryne replacement Foden was just insane

    • World Cup > Champions league and Halaand is nothing without his teammates while Messi dragged a team full of youngsters and players playing for mid-tables teams and made them the champions of the world! Haaland’s honeymoon is over! He is being man-marked every match hence hasn’t score much goals since the world cup! He can’t carry a team like Messi , he is just a good goal scorer! Debrune should be bigger candidate and in higher position for BallonDor than Haaland!

  5. Pep Guardiola disappointed me not picking Alvarez to substitute Alvarez. Rodri and Grealish have been awful. Kudos to Inter Milan for sticking to the plan to frustrate City in the Midfield.

  6. Watching the match and thinking this match needs a player like messi to unlock the defense. Such a quality player leave Europe early. He could have delayed his decision because if city loss they could have made move for him. As for Julian Alvarez he needs to move on from city…

  7. This is way more competitive than I expected. Love the intensity from Inter. Pep is too worried about the possession, and Inzaghi knows.

    I am not against Pep when it comes to Álvarez. I think this is the best development for him. Next year we will see a different Alvarez under Pep. I don’t see Alvarez getting meaningful minutes this year.

  8. Guardiola bringing Foden instead of Alvarez??? Get the fcuk out Julian, just get out from there. The man has experience of playing a world cup final for god shake!!

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