Kylian Mbappé on Lionel Messi: “He didn’t get the respect he deserved in France”


Kylian Mbappé spoke about Lionel Messi and how he did not get the respect he deserved while in France.

Mbappé played alongside Lionel Messi for two seasons at Paris Saint-Germain. The Frenchman was on the end of several assists provided by the Best player in the world and with Messi no longer at PSG, Mbappé gave his opinion on Messi. Speaking in an interview with La Gazzetta, here is what he had to say:

“He’s one of greatest players in the history of football. It’s never good news when someone like Messi leaves.

“I don’t quite understand why so many people were so relieved that he was gone. He didn’t get the respect he deserved in France.”


  1. Why didn’t he even slightly say or suggest to this while messiness in PSG??? Screw this guy. I hope nothing but the worst for him and his French team.

  2. Similar to the French media and ESPN pundits you guys are judging and writing off Messi based on his PSG performance? Which by the way was quite good this season, not to his godly standards but still quite impressive. Also, Did you guys not watch the world cup? Once you make Messi the centre of all attacks unimaginable things happen! He made a team full of youngsters and players playing for mid-table teams the champions of the world. At PSG all he did was stood out the right side of the box and thats all! With Argentina he is way more involved which is why he played the role of the protagonist in the world cup. He still had easily 2 more European seasons in him but with all the PSG drama he either wanted to go to Barca or gtfo of Europe. In MLS, the team will be built around him and don’t be surprised if he is able to pull them from the bottom of the league and make them the champions!

    • Most importantly fcuk Mbappe! He is the no-1 reason why both Messi and PSG suffered! He is too immature and selfish to decide when to pass and when to score and wants all the glory for himself and now after sucking all the money from the Arab owners he is trying to find a new club as he knows that $HIT PSG can never win him a champions league and Ballond’or which he will again have to watch Messi lift it in October!

  3. Mbappe can kiss my ass. Wasn’t he who criticized south American players? Mbappe deliberately wasted chances which messi laid on a platter for him. And to top it all.of he refer messi to one of the greatest…. he is the greatest.. but Mbappe wouldn’t admit it cause he is a cr7 cock sucking fan..

  4. Messi chose an even more difficult situation to land up with. Inter Miami is in a bad situation. Their fans would expect that Messi would salvage the situation. If he can’t, his life would be even more miserable in Miami. Decision for MLS was good. But can’t say the same thing for the decision in favour of Inter Miami.

  5. To be honest Messi already doesn’t have his mojo anymore. He’s done everything.

    It’s like u play a video game and u beat the final extra boss. No more challenge after that. I mean that’s it. The WC final was the final extra boss.

    The fact that he moves to MLS worst team when he knew a lot of EPL teams still wanted him, it shows that he doesn’t have that desire to remain on the top anymore. It is not his fault, everyone in his position might feel the same.

    I just hope that Messi won’t dramatically decline in a year (until the Copa in June 2024). He’s gonna be 38 by then and I am sure in Miami the idea is “give the ball to Messi and get out of the way”. It won’t do any good at all.

    So for me Messi retires is better news than him decides to play for WC 2026. No great players were immune from being a cancer. When they were too old and they insisted on playing, in the end it backfired the team. I have seen it all in many team sports: CR7 and Kobe Bryant. They were pure cancer for Portugal and Lakers in their last year.

    I mean thanks Messi, but it’s time to move on. One other things, I totally believe that Garna is prepared to be the next big thing. He has the highest ceiling out of all our current players/youngsters (higher than Enzo or Julian). Argentina is clearly preparing him to take the relay from Messi.

  6. It doesnt really matter since nobody actually supports psg outside Paris border.

    In last 2 years Messi won WC beating France and won 2 league titles in France, thats a big success by anyone else standard.

    Psg fans just bitter because their team which is full of speed merchant clowns couldnt get the CL trophy.

    ADM & Messi both has won CL outside PSG.

  7. Messi knows what he is doing. Play next Copa and then retire… In MLS inter Miami will try to sign alba and ex team mates.. so he will be happy there. 1 more Copa and happy retirement.

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