Lionel Messi to start vs. Australia, will not travel to Indonesia


Lionel Messi will start against Australia but will not be travelling to Indonesia.

Messi will take part in one of the two matches during Argentina’s Asian tour this week. According to Gastón Edul, the Best player in the world will be in the starting eleven against Australia but will not even be travelling to Indonesia for the match on June 19 in Jakarta.


  1. We are witnessing an era coming to an end. Feel sorry for Indonesians. They would miss him. Cannot even say if Indonesia is a team great enough to test out a Mess-less combination? Any combination might do good against the team. The combination needs to be tried out against a tougher side.

  2. That sucks for Indonesia because I know they were looking forward to seeing Messi but I guess business has priorities as well.
    Future planning for playing without the Boss starts now.

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