Lionel Messi after Argentina win: “Now, a new cycle begins”


Lionel Messi spoke after Argentina’s 2-0 win vs. Australia about the future of the national team.

Messi scored the quickest goal in his Argentina national team career and dazzled the crowd in Beijing. And he spoke to the media after the match. Here is what he had to say:

“We always enjoy being in the Argentina national team.

“It was complicated to play because of the heat and humidity but we continued with the same idea.

“Now there are the qualifiers and the Copa America. It’s going too far to think about the next World Cup. You have to enjoy what you have achieved.

“You have to think of what is coming. Now, a new cycle begins. This continues, we can’t stay with what happened. We have to enjoy every time we are together.”


  1. Always happy to hear when every one say world champions.thanks Allah.36 long years wait for this moment.totally enjoy and happy.thanks Allah

  2. Its extremely difficult for Messi Dimaria and Otamendi to be a part of 2026 team but they want to participate in next Copa. However we will have World cup qualifiers before Copa don’t we?

  3. It was a good match. The REAL new era starts with Indonesia. I want to see the next generation without Leo influence. Also I don’t want to see Messi called for the WCQs but that’s unlikely if he wants to play til Copa. However after that I want to see the new team built without the senior WC heroes in the qualifiers.

  4. Based on what I read it was an entertaining game.
    For the first time in years I could not find a decent stream. Only people commenting on what was happening. Not my cup of tea.

    The Messi goal was excellent. Di Maria showed some magic too. (based on post match clips on youtube). Without those two, it will be a different team.

    For many years after 1994 new talents were labelled as the new Diego.
    After 2024 (assuming Messi retires after Copa) we’ll probably notice the same in the Argentine media. His successor is not in the current squad.

    Echeverri maybe?
    He looked great at the U17 tournament recently.
    Oddly enough he has yet to play for River’s first team. That is kinda weird.
    What is holding Demichelis back?

    Any other candidates for no 10?

  5. The team’s performance was decent and everybody looked rusty and slow which is not a big deal considering the season just ended and the chemistry was a bit off.

    • I would say 6.5 out of 10, he did not dazzle, but you can see how his speed and directness can cause trouble. He was confident enough to shoot on goal from distance but his shot was blocked. Two decent passes to Messi and Mac Allister and one good defensive contribution as an interception in our half. He failed to beat his marker with dribble attempts on a couple of occasions though.

    • Good to see Garnacho finally given a few minutes, wish it was more.

      But really would have loved to see some new faces such as Almada, Balerdi, Medina instead of Paredes, Otamendi, Pezzella again.

    • He was nervous. I think he should be confident. Especially that first ball he received i think he should have opted to press and beat defenders instead of passing it back to Messi 🤣🤣😂😂.
      The team must move on from Messi dependency syndrome because he will be 39 years come 2026

    • It so joyfull to watch Argentina as world champion, We should joy this as fans because not every fan of football experience to see his beloved team as world champion, not taking mick but ask other fans like Portugal, England, the Netherlands even to some extened Brazil who should be champion for every world Cup according to football experts 😉

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