Lionel Messi speaks on Argentina future at World Cup, Inter Miami decision


Lionel Messi spoke about his Argentina future and the World Cup while also commenting on the decision to join Inter Miami.

Messi gave an interview with TV Pública where he spoke about his comments regarding not playing at the next World Cup and winning the 2022 World Cup. Here is what he had to say:

“I suffered a lot. I had very hard times. I always had the desire to achieve something with the national team. I had it in my head that I was going to achieve it. It couldn’t be that I won everything at club level and that if I didn’t win with the national team, I would be missing something.

“I enjoyed the World Cup very much, in a way that had never happened to me before. I knew it could be the last one. To be honest. if I wasn’t a world champion, I would not be with the national team anymore.

“Today, being a World champion, I can’t leave the national team and I have to enjoy all of this. It was as if I was enjoying it and I had a lot of peace of mind and confidence in the group.

“What I said about the World Cup is normal. For my age and for the time, it’s difficult for it to happen. I enjoy the moment, the day to day, being here. Now come the qualifiers, then the Copa America. It is going too far to think about the World Cup. We have to enjoy what we have achieved and every moment we are living.

“I try to enjoy the day to day, which last year was hard for me. I was not as I would have liked to have been. And to think about what is coming. A new cycle is starting, we are about to play in the qualifiers. We can’t just focus on what we have achieved, we have to think about what is coming and enjoy.”

On moving to Inter Miami in the MLS:

“At first, the idea was different. We are happy with the decision we took, prepared. We are looking forward to the new challenge, the new change. It was an important step but at the same time we were aware of what it meant.”

The World Cup winner scored for Argentina in less than a minute and a half against Australia in the 2-0 win on Thursday.


  1. For those bashing Lautaro, if we have learned anything is that Scaloni is willing to change things up. You either perform or not. Right now Lautaro is not the problem. We need to usher some of the old guys out that 100 percent won’t be around for the national team and think about who will replace them. I want to see Echeverri getting playing time at River and on the NT if he continues to grown. Santiago Lopez is damn good too and a few others

  2. I believe European footballing countries are in decay:
    I watched Germany play the other day, Ukraine had 3 or 4 shots on goal and scored 3.
    Italy is pitiful.
    Spain is more of the same thing, dribble dribble and nothing to show for even vs Italy who broke into their half and would have scored 2 EASY goals had it not been for their pitiful state.
    We already know Belgium is OLD……remember 2014 and the huge promise of superstars everywhere you looked……thanks for beating Brazil in 2018 and kicking them out of the WC but that’s it.
    Portugal has a new coach but its gonna be the same ole story, kissing up to her highness until they see she’s not pretty anymore LOL. Decent team though.
    France and England are the best Europe has to offer BUT you never know!
    The Dutch LMAO

  3. Speaking of an aging squad!! Italy are OLD and is it me or doesn’t Spain’s coach look like the guy from the Weather Channel LMAO hehehe

  4. Arg2018. As an Albiceleste to another Albiceleste I understand your pain. You dont want another Higuain, Another 2014 Final. I get it. Neither do I my brother. We already have Julian and there are other coming in the ranks. I respect your opinion. But I think Lautaro is better than that. Better than Higuain. He is the only direct competition for Julian at the moment and that is very Important for Julian to be fit and ready as it is Important for the Team. Lautaro has improved a lot and I hope he turns it around for NT soon. For now I am happy with Julian as our no9. And I want Julian to start. It could be completely someone else in the future. But there should always be competition for every position in the team. Ofcourse there is no competition for Messi but he said it himself this the new cycle. Messi would not continue himself if he thinks its time.

  5. Glad to see bum Lautauro not in Argentina squad. He dont deserve NT call after WC 2022 flopping and UCL final.

      • Lautaro is a fighter..
        Every striker will miss an easy chance and a sitter..
        Thing is how many times he created goal chances, how focused on target in sense of goal, how clinical inside 18yard box..
        This is striker quality.. lautaro got all these skills, above all he will come deep and support midfielders.. 50 years you wasted Supporting Argentina,,, because you do not know to judge our players

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