Conflicting reports on Marcelo Gallardo accepting Olympique Marseille offer


Conflicting reports have come out about Marcelo Gallardo accepting Olympique Marseille’s offer to become their new coach.

Marcelo Gallardo has received an offer to coach Olympique Marseille, according to César Luis Merlo. An updated tweet also states that he has not yet accepted the offer and that he is back in Argentina.

A separate tweet by Le Phocéen states that Gallardo has agreed to become the new coach. No official statement has come out by either Marseille or Gallardo.


  1. I know that Indonesia won’t be a tough opponent, but I am very anxious to see how we line up and play vs them. This game will be foreshadowing what is to come in our next era after Messi decides to hang up his boots(which I personally think he will continue playing till ’26). But it’s been so long now that we have molded and formed a scheme around Messi, that now we will be playing a different style maybe all together. This will be a big test for scaloni and company. Also, not to forget the underrated dimaria which to me is one of the greatest players of our time and most underrated. He will be a big loss even if we have wingers to fill his space. It’s hard for me to create a lineup without them.

    • My line up without Messi against indonesia
      Molina Romero. Pezella Acuna

      Enzo. Paredes. Lo celso.

      Nico. Julian. Garnacho
      Without Messi as general.
      Molina. Romero lisandro. Acuna

      Lo celso Enzo. Macallister

      Dybala. Julian. Garnacho/Nico

    • Molina Romero Pezzella Medina
      Enzo (replaced by Paredes) McAllister (replaced by Palacios) Lo Celso –> Lo Celso and McAllister need to take up the creative role. One person replacing Messi is impossible.
      Nico Julian (replaced by Semione) Garnacho (replaced by Ocampos)

  2. River plate have rejected a 10 mil Euro offer for Lucas Beltran from Freiburg.
    Beltran, who Scaloni is planning to call up soon, is also being targeted by AC Milan.
    AC Milan are speaking to Thiago Almada.
    Santo Hezze in Benfica radar.
    Luis Vasquez had 8 mil offer from Anderlecht rejected. Strange considering he is only a bench warmer.
    Atletico targeting Valentin Barco.
    Sevilla and West Ham targeting Castellanos.
    West Ham and Aston Villa front runners for Lautaro after New Chelsea coach not keen in Lautaro.
    Rumors also surfacing that if Ghallardo joins OM his number one priority is Echeverry.
    Matias Soule could go on loan to Mexico after not convincing Juve Coaching staff.
    Luka Romero will be released for free by Lazio.

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