Gio Lo Celso: “Playing for the best national team in the world is a privilege”


Gio Lo Celso spoke about playing for the Argentina national team after the team’s 2-0 win vs. Indonesia.

Lo Celso was back in the starting eleven for the national team and had an assist on Cristian Romero’s goal. The 27 year old spoke to Tyc Sports after the match. Here is what he had to say:

“We know that every tour is another test for us. They are the last matches before the World Cup qualifiers and a new road will start which will be very difficult.

“We knew that these matches were not going to be easy ebcause obviously them as much as us, are not playing much. We were able to get through two tests and show how we have been playing.”

About being back in the team after the World Cup:

“Obviously, I am very happy as an individual and as a team… The truth is that playing for the best national team in the world is a privilege. It’s not an every day thing, there is a beautiful group, you enjoy every day a lot.

“Every time you come, you put on this shirt, you know you have to do it with the same commitment and joy as always.

“Everything remains the same (about Messi, Di María and Otamendi). It’s obviously a source of pride for us to have all our key players, the entire coaching staff. So we had to show our faces today and finish with a good image because we know that the qualifiers are going to be very difficult.”