Lionel Messi speaks on his time with PSG


Lionel Messi spoke about his time at Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi gave an interview to Bein Sports which is set to be released on Saturday but a snippet of the interview has been released. Messi commented about his time in Paris with Paris Saint-Germain and the relationship with the fans. Here is what he had to say:

“At first, my arrival to Paris was great. I received a lot of support as I have said many times, but then people started to treat me differently.

“There was a break with a good part of the public. Of course it was not my intention. But these are things that have already happened with Mbappe and Ney, too.

“I keep the memory of all of those people who respected me and I respected them since I arrived. I keep the memory of Neymar and Kylian who supported me from the beginning…”

The full interview is expected to be released on Saturday.


  1. Unbiased answer, why Declan Rice worth over 100 million pounds and Liverpool bought macallister just over 40 million, my honest opinion macallister is more Complete midfielder than Rice

    • Well, sounds like the same old market, where there been so many crazy and bizarre sum’s paid for players who completly flopped and were never worth for their prices !

      As what come’s to your oppinion Mac Allister and also Caicedo are more complete over Rice, anyhow btw where is Rice heading or have someone allraedy landed him…?

    • Home grown rule + commercial value probably higher for an English player. English players get way more media coverage, sell more shirts, etc

    • For just that honest smile and care for his team mates he costs 100 million. Coz that great attitude is shining in his game like a gold like Messi. That is the success of his career. He is a gem. Macallister you genius.

  2. We were the most improved team during the wc but if I had to choose one from an individual means that would be Molina. I still remember scaloni tested him in the left full back role and he played horrible also in another friendly. Also in the saudi game. But what I witnessed from the Poland game was totally a different Molina. That brilliant cross to Mac allister changed his whole game. From there he played as master class in that RB position attacking wise. Also defended well. May be that 5 defenders formation protected his defensive weakness. But still for me he is the most improved player as the tournament goes by. I think again after a gap he again played average in the friendlies. But the difference of improvement from the 1st match to 4-5th match would be huge from Molina. Even if we take all the other Argentine players no one will come closer to Molina as far as improvement is concerned. He plays the worst in the 1st match and he would be up there in the 4th match. A great team player. Hats off.

    • Of all right-backs that I’ve seen play for us, I think maybe Zanetti is the only other one who could have made that run to Messi’s sublime no-look pass and score that all important goal. Molina’s timing for that run was perfect.

    • I think we are lucky to have both Molina and montiel. They just need to stay hungry and continue to evolve and improve. Zanetti may have been our best RB of all time, along side zabaletta, especially zanetti tho which was unfortunately not given the call up in 2010.
      The LB and RB positions are some of the most underrated and toughest positions in modern day football. You have to be well versed in defense-attack, and well rounded in terms of skill.
      We may have to rely more on our wing play on the coming years if Messi is leaving especially, and alot of our upcoming players are wingers- garnacho, nico Gonzalez, ocampos etc… tagla-acuna, Molina and montiel have alot more responsibility on their shoulders in the future if they havnt had enough already.
      Also I rewatched the highlights against the poor Australia team and even poorer Indonesia… We were missing Licha Martinez badly, he adds so much balance in our backline allowing our guys to slide up and contribute.
      Also, Lauturo is one of the best players of our time.

      • Fully agreed on everything you wrote and specially about Zanetti and Zabaleta and about Molina, Montiel, Acuna and Tagli as i also belive the wingplay will be a very important for ARG in future without MESSI and luckily all those names u mentioned have been improving and hopefully even more in the coming year’s as i think and hope, that there will be more players from ARG rising to the ARG NT and to top of world football as it also obvious how important LICHA allready is and will be even more important and same goes for Lautaro too as ARG is lucky to have striker like him and Alvarez and hopefully Simeone will also keep on contributing and anyone is welcome if they are up to certain level needed to play for ARG in the future as once MESSI and DI MARIA will step aside and the one’s who are older and getting older year by year(unfortunatly age take’s it’s toll on us all) and therefore ARG must try to keep up the on it’a great football, that they have played since age’s ago and constantly try to improve and hopefully bring up new players around the ARG NT to be as competive as they can and it seems like right now and also for future ARG does have great middfielders, wingers and defenders too, maybe few more options to cover for LB/RB would be good in case of injuries etc…and back up’s for Lautaro and Alvarez…(Simeone), also, because in case of injuries, but also for to as competive as possible in da future… !

  3. I just read that Busquets to Miami is confirmed. All they need is one more attacker, one more midfielder and a good defender and they will have a competitive team too strong for MLS .

      • I heard Leo is playing the MLS all-star game vs a Mexican team in July.
        And No, I’m questioning getting that shirt still. I can’t keep throwing money at jerseys, plus not too big on that bright of pink. But I have a few I’m targeting, the 23 river plate black away, the 22-23 Argentina training shirt black, and the new 23 Nigeria training shirt. Yes, I like Nigeria, we have a big history with them since 94, great rivalry and we always respect each other. And even more my cousins went to the Argentina Nigeria WC 1994 match in Boston, and they couldn’t get to the Argentina team to get autographs etc., but not only did they meet the Nigerian team but they hung out with them and got a couple shirts. And that is when I began my jersey journey as a young snot nose 😂. The end
        Also Lauturo Martinez is one of the best players on the planet today.

        • Thanx for your kind reply as very preciated too!
          Yes, i think you are right about that bright pink colur as it does not really sounds, that…hmm, well, let say maybe the colour of the shirt i would pick first too, though with MESSI’s name at the back….hmm, but still hopefully they do have away shirt with more, hmm, let say intresting colour’s …

          Anyhow that River shirt sounds really cool as does, that Argentina’s training shirt too! As i would love to get one River home shirt old or new one for my son as he has currently only ARG shirt with KUN’s name at the back and that 1/shirt i had once, when i was kid with DIEGO with Barca is way too small and also same for Saviola’s shirt with Barca, which was given to me by friend….a very long time ago too, but i allways wanted a River shirt for myself, but now the first priority would be my son who is even more fanatic about ARG as i was at his age as offcourse ARG was allways my only team and i’ve been crazy about ARGENTINE football and players from Argentina since 78, but i quess with nowdays social media and internet etc…and the one’s like my son only talks constantly about ARG and dig’s in to very deep back in history too and bombers me with so many questions about football all the time as he loves to watch it and also plays too and i alkways tell him, that how lucky he been as borned 2013 so he can’t remember 2014 and now as 10 year’s old i have watched with him 2 Copa’s( as thefirst one was robbery) from where Arg have won 1 and, then Finalissima and 18.12.2022, when ARG came WORLD CHAMPIONS again, but he allways reply’s with same manner, that i’m more luckier, than him as having been able to live through both Era’s as DIEGO’s and MESSI’s and with all those great Argentine names ever since 78 and offcourse every ARG game is important for us and priority no. 1 and we try watch them, when ever ARG is playing etc..also my daughter plays football too and obviously she is a big MESSI and ARG fan too, but my son does understand the history of ARG football as football is his favour subject, so he does make a lot studying by himself and we talk about it a let in general and wish alkways for the teams who have Argentine players in their teams etc…and in the latest UCL final we chose to support Inter as we knew, that Pep won’t let Alvarez on the pitch + Inter has such a great history with ARG players as i think there is no other club in Europe who have had so many Argentine players in their team as Inter has…, though like i said we kind of SUPORT those clubs in Europe, who have the Argentine’s on their ranks…etc. And Uruguay is our second NT team, though African teams have been allways also the one’s we like to give our support too !

          As it was great to watch the latest U20 WC, which was played in Argentina, though MASCHE’s team did not make it, Still Uruguay won it for their first time as Nigerian team and other African teams with Ecuador too looked very intresting and some great goals were scored in this whole U20 WC too…etc.

          In fact i think all the SA teams did quite well and specially Uruguay even they lost for England i think they were the better side in that game too, though i did not pay attention for the Brazilian team, so can’t really talk about them as i only saw their first game against Italy which Italy won…etc.

          Well, i’m honestly quite jealous for your brothers been hanging out with that Nigerian team at 1994 as, when i lived in Denmark once i had a lot of friends from all over Africa as many were born from Arabic culture’s and from SA and Asia too and obviously i’m big fan of Afro Beat and Fela and Tony Allen( his drummer, who is Still playing like Fela’s several sons) and many other musicians from Nigeria/Ghana like Johnny Haastrup and Ebo Taylor etc…as there are other great African musicians too like from all over the world too, as i’m music collector and really like many different kind of music from all over the world as basicly whatever sounds good for my year’s never Mind if it is Instrumental or sanged with words with what so ever language etc…so, when i play my playlist’s many people who have access, maybe only to the ” mainstream radio music”( as i do and also and like obviously some of their songs too) would think what are u listening to…?,
          but mostly the music, that i do listen is not played on main radio chanels, though there are obviously many in the world, who does listen and also play…hmm…how would i say it, well not so common music as more rare, maybe…etc. And offcourse from Spotify or Apple music you one can find a lot all sorts of music, which some would cost a lot of money to get the original Vinyl and even some Cd’s as depend on how many they printed originally in the first place as many second prints cost a lot too…as i belive there is great music to discover in everywhere, but if we let a side Asian part of the world, well, then most does originate from different parts of Africa and from Oriental and Arabic culture’s, though nowdays one find aspects in music from all over he world as i’m also fan to many different Asian music as like i said never Mind the Origin if it just sounds good !

          Well, hopefully one day i will somehow get a River shirt at least for my son as offcourse it would be awesome to get one with some name on it too as there are quite many great names who have once weared the River shirt and hopefully many more to come !

          • River always has better shirts than Boca in the Argentina league. Also, I have arsvic background too from North Africa so we support African nations too. I love fela kuti 😂. All my life!
            I’m happy your kids love Argentina. Thanks for your response, was very interesting to read. We need more posts like that so that we can all know each other better!

          • Thanx once again as my kids send their greetings to u and your family ! Great to hear from your background and that u are Fela fan too 🙂 as i truly hope and belive, that one day in the future we see an African WC medallist or even winner as final between ARG vs African country will be a great final in the WC, though i would stay on ARG’s side, but would not be feeling that bad as loosing against European team 🙂 and you are very right about getting to know each others more better as not only here in Mundo, but this is the key for future in general for people to get even more united !

  4. Can we say Rodrigo de Paul is generational talant, for me yes so Lautaro Martinez licha martinez, cuti Romero
    Alexis macallister, molina, enzo, paredes and Alvarez

      • And hopefully Paredes get’s a good move as Chelsea would be awesome also, because of ENZO’s sake as the more Argentine’s in the same team, well the more better fior them and specially if they are WC WINNERS or been selected by SCALONETA AND CO!, though any ” new comer’s are more than welcome if they are up to certain level needed to play for LA SELECCION or might have the potential hopefully one day !

        • Option 1: Paredes goes to Chelsea, becomes their starting DM under Pochettino, Enzo plays higher up the field as he wants, chemistry Paredes+Enzo
          Option 2: Paredes goes to Atletico Madrid, becomes their starting DM under Simeone, double pivot Paredes – De Paul, increased chemistry.

          • Option 1 is more likely as pochettino likes paredes since Chelsea sold Kovacic to man City kante to saudi Arabia and Mason Mount almost certain that he is leaving for man utd which means Chelsea have to sign 2 or 3 new midfielders one of them certain to be Brighton’s Moisés Caicedo

          • Good options both, though as Godin wrote seems like Chelsea are deffenetly in need of middfielders so hopefully they will set up ENZO with good one’s too!

            Though, ATM with DE PAUL works also fine like u mentioned

          • Scaloni hardly played Enzo + Paredes and when he did, I don’t recall anything worth noting but I could be wrong. Enzo + Caiceido would probably benefit most with a creative runner next to them which we all know it’s not Paredes…more like De Paul or LoCelso profile

    • Yes! Also Dibu, Acuna, Tagliafico and Di Maria to name a few.

      Dibu was great, saved our butt more than a few times
      Acuna played well in most games, especially against Mexico, less so in the final but still great overall
      Tagliafico was very solid defensively against France in the final
      Di Maria was sensational

      • Yes I forgot tagliafico and Acuna but dibu and di maria are well above those mentioned especially dibu without him I don’t think we would have won world Cup and copa America

    • Too soon to call any of these guys generational talents and their stats don’t really qualify them them. With the exception of Paredes, I do think they are their way to become generational talents.

      Generational talents are Di María Aguero etc.. your list still has some way to go…

  5. Frenchy BUTTHURT they lost to ARGENTINA led by MESSI who plays for PSG…accusing him of taking advantage of them to win the WC….bitch plz🖕🖕🖕
    And if they wanna be mad, be mad at Neymar whose been there since 17 and probably played a total of 50 games

  6. There were simply too many stars at PSG and not enough players doing the hard work. Teams with too many stars usually fail, both in sports and in business.

    The big exception was the USA basketball team that won the Olympics with Jordan, Magic Johnson, Pippen, Barkley, Bird, Ewing, Robinson, Malone etc.

    • Argentina has been victim of this since forever. Ever since I started understanding futbal, Argentina has brought a stacked team full of superstars in every position. In 2002, even the bench was so strong they could literally build another team. Unnecessary number of forwards no one willing to press or defend, in 2010. Learning from 2010 disaster Sabella dropped some stars of the team but got super unlucky in the finals!

      • Yep, 100%.

        2014 team also came to the realization that Argentina didn’t have the team, especially the mid, to play possession football. Sabella ran a counterattacking system that was very successful in the qualifiers. In the WC it struggled a bit when encountering disciplined tight defenses. Streaky, 2/3 hard workers, 1/3 flair.

        The 2021-2022 system was a lot more flexible and dynamic. Relied less on counterattacking and forward talent. It could play a variety of styles and has no trouble unlocking tight defenses while defending counterattacking extremely well. Hard workers, team spirit through and through. Balanced.

      • Yes, absolutly true too as this can be tracked back to all the way to first WC, which was arranged rightfully in Uruguay as Uruguay had won the Olympics previously ( maybe, even several times…) anyhow many Europeans did boycot as they were wining to FIFA, that they did not want to make the long trip to South America by boat, though the the French came with few others, but not many, so the next WC was settled to be arranged in Europe as they did in Italy and then switch back to SA again, but instead the FIFA gave the next WC after Italy for the French, which was terrible thing to do and real unjustice against Uruguay, who had covered all the expensive’s of their own arranged and also own paid first WC, which was held in Uruguay and from there on Uruguay and also Argentina obviously got pissed for very good reason and turned out as rebels in the eyes of FIFA and many of the Europeans and since then Argentina and Uruguay too been victims as 1966 the English captain mocked Argentine’s as animals, as they used to mocked others with what ever names they created as same for the Africans and non Europeans as this same also existed in all kind of sports as the West Indian Cricket team who holds the longest unbeaten record of team sports til’ today were playing against England in Hyde Park( maybe, not fully sure), though again before the game the English captain from their Cricket team came out with full racist comments as this also took part in the days of , when Apartheid was constantly amongst us very heavily and the West Indian ballers decided to teach a lesson to the English Captain as tney constantly threw the wooden ball, that they were using those days at with full power just to hit and hurt the English Captain as his body after the game has changed from white’s colour to Blue as he was full tattoeed with bruises, LoL ! This all can be seen in the documentary called ” Fire in a Babylon ” as it tell’s the remarkable story of the West Indies Cricket team

  7. Messi was able to win WC due to his rest time in Paris. Also other factors are obviously important such as rise of Enzo Fernandez, Alexis Mac Allister being starter, Julian Alveraz(replacing bum Lautaro) and Di Maria being fit in final.

        • Because you use the same word again and again and again to insult one of our players. You use it intentionaly to provoke people speak to you because else nobody will give attention to you.

          You became boring like old broken radio.
          You get it now? Or you will continue pretend you don t understand?

  8. Sounds like his time in France was a mixed bag. Clearly, overall he did not enjoy it as much, but it probably allowed him to focus on the World Cup and arrive in the best conditions possible. C’est la vie…todo ocurre por una razón.

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