Lionel Messi back at Newell’s Old Boys, receives standing ovation


Lionel Messi is back at the Newell’s Old Boys stadium and received a standing ovation.

Messi returned to Rosario and is part of the farewell match for Maxi Rodriguez at the Newell’s Old Boys stadium. This marked the first time that Messi was back in 14 years.

His status for the match was unknown as it takes place on his birthday, but as the players were in the locker room, it was announced that Messi was on his way to the stadium. Messi got out of the car holding his boots.


  1. Here are the highlights for the Argentina. Newell’s old boys game.
    What a team these boys would make up if they were all in their prime. Batistuta is still Batigoal 😂 what a great game to watch, Scaloni with a great slide tackle, Banega with a great tackle on the ref 😂

    • @sorinxcrespo thanx 4 da link. As deffenetly the best👌 ever farewell games i can remember as also so hilarious too😂my son and daughter really enjoyed watching the highlights and obviously the first thing the said, that they would had liked to be there😉😂as they could not belive their eyes with the hilarious scene involving the ref😂also they really loved to see Maxi’s daughters on the pitch with other players as most propably from Argentine’s womens NT( i assume)👍hope that there will be more videos posted about this on YouTube as i would had love to see the whole game itself with so many legends from the past and present🙏

    • Girls used to live Heinze. He’s still a handsome mother uffer. 😂😂 😂
      Gabriel Militio on the other hand not being so handsome got the biggest hug.

  2. Happy Birthday Boss of Bosses, very very well-deserved ovation.
    For me the 2014 WC was really painful, I remember I sat on the couch motionless for almost an hour just staring at the TV, but what really hurt me was the 2016 COPA when I really thought it was gonna happen because the team played well unlike the 2015 when they started really slow and disorganized and surely there was no way they’d lose to Shitchile again!
    Watching Messi crying was painful and hurtful all at the same time because he didn’t deserve it BUT I KNEW he was coming back after he announced his retirement, I just knew it.

    • 2014 was hard to take after that final I didn’t read or watch anything related football for six months
      -2015 was another knock out
      I agree 2016 was the hardest one seeing messi crying, really hurt me for human pointview Losing same team for the same out come was heartbroken as arg fan . Hey fast forward for six years later justice has been done and truly forgot all those painful final loses since from 2004 to 2016. In 2022 Seeing Argentina winning world Cup and messi lifting the gold was unbelievable experience,it was the best feeling ever for football pointview I would’ve trade that moment for all those loses over the years

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