Leandro Paredes to join Galatasaray on a three year deal


Leandro Paredes is set to join Galatasaray on a three year deal.

Paredes could soon be heading to Turkey. According to DAZN Italia, the 29 year old will join them on a three year deal worth €3.8 million.

The Argentine spent all of last season on loan at Juventus from PSG.


  1. I Know I might be overthinking, but am a bit concerned about albiceleste come 2026, and probable squad Scaloni might come up with. The big question is whether all these players will still be playing consistently at top level.

    Emi Martinez✓
    *Walter Benitez?
    *Valentín barco
    Facundo Medina✓
    *Marcos Sensei


    *DePaul (will be 32 by then)
    Exequiel Palacios
    Nico Paz
    Facundo Bounanonte
    Valentin Carboni
    *Carlos Alcaraz
    **Guido Rodriguez/Paredes

    *Luka Romero
    *Messi( will be 39 by then and is yet to make a decision on whether to retire)
    *Dybala(will be approaching 33 by then)
    *Matías Soule
    *Gianluca Prestianni

  2. We don’t need both OTA and German pezzella. I am grateful to OTA for being a pillar at the defence. But German pezzella is of no use to the national team. Not earlier and not even now. We are not in a position to get the hold of pezzella,OTA, pappu and Armani for long. Spain, Germany Italy tried to play almost the same squad after winning the world cup, and they were thrashed in the next WORLD cup. France brought some changes in players and as a result they did remarkably well in this world cup.

    • It’s up to Scaloni to make that tough decision. Unfortunately Dimaria will be 38 by then. Should Messi decide to play for NT, there will be no need for Dimaria. The Midfielders will remain the same except likes of Paredes, Guido Rodriguez who will be dropped unless they play at top level. Honestly as for Paredes he wasn’t that greater even before the world cup. DePaul is the only Midfield player who will be over 30, whom I fancy to selected

      • Ota, Fideo and Leo are surely calling it quits after the Copa. Pezella may have to be omitted, if he keeps getting called back into the Selccion, then he won’t retire any time soon. I don’t think Papu or Armani would be available for selection for the next world cup at all. I don’t see Papu in the Copa squad. As for Guido or Paredes, there are attributes that need experience as well, you cannot just throw a raw Redondo into the equation hoping that he eats opponent forwards alive. A holding midfield role is not something we can squander that easily, unless we have solid options at our disposal. The contribution of Paredes in his limited minutes cannot be downplayed, he held up plays, engaged in psychological warfare exactly as instructed by Scaloni, and then slowed down the pace of the game in the middle when it was required the most, both in the QF and the final. His contributions cannot be forgotten. Guido hasn’t had a bad season with Betis either and has been sought after by other clubs(linked, rumored whatever it may be).

  3. Hopefully, history will repeat itself. Every WC played in North America has been won by a South American team.
    Mexico 1970 – Brazil vs Italy
    Mexico 1986 – Argentina vs Germany
    USA 1994 – Brazil vs Italy
    USA 2026 – Argentina vs Germany?
    In 1970, Brazil had a superstar in Pele, but in 1994, the cup was won by team work without a superstar. The best player was Romario who had a meagre WC 1990. In 1986, Argentina had a superstar in Diego. So, if history repeats, Argentina will win WC 2026 without a superstar (Messi) and the star will be a prolific striker who had a meagre WC 2022, namely…Lautaro! 😉

  4. He did his job but now it’s time to look for faster younger players, Scaloni needs to keep this ball rolling. Otamendi is one of these that could or should be on the bench once LM comes back from injury.
    I believe Scaloni’s biggest challenge is not finding players but picking the right ones from the very good pool of players.

  5. How many of you think Otamendi almost cost us the world cup? He usually makes a huge error every few matches but was amazingly having a great world cup until the 75th min of the final match and all of a sudden old error prome Otamendi was back!!

    The penalty could have been easily avoided if Otamendi had just shot the ball out for throw but NO he decides to go one on one against a much younger player who had just been subbed in. Second, he completely misjudges the loop of the ball and dives few secs early providing a golden chance to France to bury us and win the world cup, but Emi fcking saved us. Romero had failed to save a much easier chance in 2014 but Emi was fantastic in the final!! Mentally strong to be able to make a comeback even after failing to save few relatively easy chances in earlier matches.

    • Otamendi costs us world Cup but emi martinez saved us thanks to God, there is no way he should gave a away the lazy penalty and the poor clearance 120+ 3 added minutes.

    • It’s the age that showed. He’s too tired, playing the whole tournement. Our players got tired in 2014 too and lost to a seemingly not great chance

    • I always thought otamendi could cost us that’s why i wanted lisandro. Our whole team played well otherwise our defense was decent not great at the world cup. A good solid defense will never allow opponents to get any opportunity of comeback 3 times after going 2-0 up. We went 2-0 up against australia, Netherlands and france yet gave them opportunity to comeback so i feel scaloni should not be satisfied and try youngsters in copa. Romero lisandro would be ideal

    • I hope Scaloni stick with the younger players. By then likes of Licha, Romero and Facundo will be around 27-28. There will be no need of Otamedi or average Pezzella by then. In the Midfield likes of McAlister, Enzo, Almada, Facundo Bounanonte will still be in their prime. DePaul will be 32 by then. I believe Scaloni will select him if only he will be playing consistently at a top level by then. Forward is secure with likes of Alvarez, Lautaro, Garnacho. If Dybala will be available on great and consistent form that will be a huge plus.

    • I agree. The Turkish league is competitive but it’s on the same level as Portuguese league. I don’t know why he isn’t in demand elsewhere or even to stay in juve. This isn’t great news to me but who knows

  6. Damn , that is a downgrade! With good and younger mids in the national team, it will be very hard for him to even keep the spot on the bench soon!

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