David Beckham on Lionel Messi signing with Inter Miami: “It’s a massive moment for us”


David Beckham has spoken about Lionel Messi signing with his club Inter Miami and what happened when he found out about the news.

Beckham explained how he found out that Lionel Messi signed with his club Inter Miami, despite rumors and interest from both Barcelona and Saudi Arabia. Beckham is part owner of Inter Miami and as per Goal.com, here is what Beckham had to say at the “Leadership Lessons” seminar:

“A couple of weeks ago, I woke up to about a million messages on my phone.

“I was thinking, ‘What’s gone off? I don’t usually get this many messages.’ All of a sudden, I hear Leo has come out and announced he’s coming to Miami. Obviously, it wasn’t a surprise to me.

“I have always said, from the word go, that if I had the opportunity to bring the best players in the game to Miami, at whatever time of their careers, I would do that. I have always made that commitment to our fans.

“So when I hear that one of the best players – if not the best player – who has won everything in the game, who is still a great player, still young and still doing what he’s doing, wants to play for my team, it’s a massive moment for us.”