César Luis Menotti praises both Lionel Messi and Ángel Di María


César Luis Menotti spoke abouht Lionel Messi and Ángel Di María.

The World Cup winning coach had nothing but praise for the two other World Cup champions. Speaking in an interview with Super Deportivo Radio, here is what he had to say about Lionel Messi:

“Physically, technically and age wise, Messi can easily play in the next World Cup. He is very healthy, he trains and takes good care of himself. He is impeccable, he has no injuries. If I were 36 years old and I were him, I would play until I was 40 years old!

“Then we will have to see his state of mind, maybe he wants to enjoy his freedom a little more.

“Messi, wherever he goes, will always have freedom of action, if if he doesn’t win. He will always play well. I have never even seen him just play normal.”

Menotti also spoke about Ángel Di María and how highly he is regarded:

“Di María deserves the same recognition as Messi, Maradona and Kempes. For me, he is at the same level as the best player in the world that you want to compare him to.

“For me, he is the player who has represented Argentine football like no other in all the places where he has played. When I saw him become world champion, I was more happy for him than for myself.”


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