Two years ago, Argentina conquered Brazil at the Maracanã for the Copa America


Two years ago, Argentina conquered Brazil at the Maracanã to win the Copa America.

A 28 year curse was finally put to an end for the Argentina national team. After 28 years, Argentina celebrated winning the Copa America and in memorable fashion.

Ángel Di María scored the only goal of the match and it was Argentina’s first goal in a final since the 2005 Confederations Cup. To put it into perspective, it was Argentina’s first goal in a final after four tournaments.

The Copa America was supposed to be held in Argentina but the pandemic caused it to be moved to Brazil and it was a final between the reigning champions and a young Lionel Scaloni team. The final produced one goal and many memorable moments but it was Argentina who lifted the trophy.

Lionel Messi finally won a trophy with the Argentina national team and it was a turning point for the team. They would go on to win the Finalissima and the biggest prize there is to win in football, the World Cup.

Thank you to Lionel Messi for never giving up, thank you to Ángel Di María for being the ultimate big game player, thank you to the players for conquering South America and thank you to Lionel Scaloni for doing what many before him were unable to do.

And thank you to every one at Mundo Albiceleste for sharing this moment with us!


  1. Thank you so much Roy and Seba as i just watched your very intresting and also very exact analysis done straight after, when ARG won the COPA at Maracana after all those very long 28 year’s ! As been lucky to had been a fan since 78 and had so many memorable moments with our beloved ALBICELESTE…

    Still as now obviously ARG won it all with SCALONETA & CO. and MESSI with his incredible teammates the old Artemio Franchi called nowdays as Finallisma and the ultimate followed victory at 18.12.2022 WC in Qatar, well i’m kinf of happy, that i just watched your great analysis just now as even how much we all would had wished after the COPA victory, well just likev you guys said at that point no one even knew, that Italy would won England at Wembley and, that Arg would had played against Italy and won Finalissima or who would had dare to say with every respect, that ARG would win the WC at Qatar too even forsure we all did wish truly for that to fiinally happen after 86 !

    Wow, what an incredible streak from such a great team as, Yes there had been many great ARG NT teams obviously before with so many great players as obviously 78, 86, 91 and 93 and i could name many many more as 1990 and 2014 as obviously 82 was an hard one for me personally as being DIEGO’s first WC etc…

    As i would really like to go back in time now as seeing your graet video analysis and obviously ask you if you guys could had seen all this coming as i not mean obviously to play any Mind games etc…no not all as infact watching your video analysis i could easyly associate you guys to Nostradamus or some great Prophets/ people who could see in to the future and kind of predicted it as obviously i’m not saying also, that you guys predict all this MAGIGAL STREAK OF 3 TROPHYS WON as the COPA, FINALISSIMA AND THE WC AT 18.12.2022 !

    But, i would instead try to like point out all the positive things you guys talked as i literally mean everything and every single word from your great video analysis, sorry as i do not really know how think of a better name for it….

    Anyhow it was truly intresting to watch as you guys obviously know your football and obviously have graet knowledge from Argentine football, which as fan since 78 i truly respect a lot indeed !

    Also who would had predicted from al, the fans of ARG from all over the world, that DI MARIA would continue what he did start back at the Olympics a long, long time ago and kept on scoring in every FINAL ARG won since then as for me he is a true legend in Arg’s football history and allways was very underrated player in the world rankings as obviously he had a lot of injuries and at very crucial times too as i would propably say with 100% confidence, that if he would had been fit and able to play, well ARG would had won at 2014 and at least one more Copa too as most propably 2 !

    As offcourse it sounds easy aftervitvis done, but i allways had faith in him too as i had with MRSSI as it kinf of look s now, that all they needed was SCALONI & CO. an rest of their incredible team mates who have now won everything together as national team of ARGENTINA our beloved ALBICELESTE !

    Offcourse as i said if he had not been injured, well most propably they would had won with SABELLA AND TATA MARTINO too !

    Anyhow thanx once more for posting this great video analysis of your’s here in Mundo and looking for to some more !

    As everything sounded really, really positive and very well detailed and put together etc…

    As even not being an Argentine i can kind of somehow understand, that there are many different voices from all sorts of jouarnalists from Argentina and as you guys said , well many as allways have taken another kinf of aproach as opposite to positive and allways been vety critical even, when it has been completly unnnescary as i do not have nothing against critics that are kind spot on, but unfortunatly, that is not allways the case as there is as you guys knows too, that there is way too much negatism in this world as, that been said it had been very pleasant and positive to watch your great video analysis, well done and thumbs up !

  2. In India, it was the most disastrous phase of the pandemic that had gradually started to taper off. From April till June, all we heard in our rooms was the sound of ambulances and incidents of people dying, Covid had completely engulfed the nation, when this team brought smiles back to our faces. The sufferings and anxiety of three decades of not winning a final combined with the horror and anxiety of this deadly variant of the virus really took a toll on me. But nothing could stop me from waking up at 4 in the morning and watch the Copa. Ney pumped up the anxiety further during the last 20-25 minutes with a blistering display of football in the final, but in the end, we prevailed. It was the warning bell from La Scaloneta, that Argentina was bringing the storm!!!

  3. Every thing changed after this final.our time starts after this final.we become the world champions also.all our pain and tears in all those previos years turn into the happines.thanks Allah for every thing.

  4. True story- I was in Arizona on vacation watching this Copa final in a Mexican restaurant with my family. The entire restaurant was rooting against Argentina, except us. When Messi missed his chance at scoring at the end, I turned and said to my wife, I’d rather he misses in this game if that means he scores when it counts most in the World Cup Final, and he did!

  5. Our road to ultimate glory started in Maracanã of all places, eh?

    Pero eso se terminó
    Porque en el Maracaná
    La final con los brazucas
    La volvió a ganar papá

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