Enzo Fernández on his reaction to getting called for the World Cup


Enzo Fernández gave a lengthy interview with Diario Ole and the 22 year old spoke about where he was and how his reaction was upon finding out that he was called up for the World Cup and sharing a room with Julián Álvarez.

Fernández had commented on when he first met Lionel Messi and his goal against Mexico at the World Cup. In the same interview, Enzo spoke about getting called up to the World Cup and Lionel Messi praising himself and Thiago Almada:

“Yes, more than a year went by. In my head, I thought that I would not get called because the World Cup was coming… But then I got the opportunity to go on the tour, I did things very well and the coaching staff gave me a chanec to be at the World Cup.

“Leo surprised me (his praise) and I was lucky to be able to thank him because every time he spoke about me, it was good.”

On how it was when he found out he was going to the World Cup:

“I remember it was a Saturday afternoon, I was taking a nap in Lisbon and I couldn’t sleep because I was very anxious because there was a week left until they would give the list (for the World Cup). Ah, the truth is, at that moment, I hadn’t slept for about two weeks, hehe. And at the moment, I got an audio from Matías Mana (part of Lionel Scaloni’s coaching staff) and when I heard it, I started to cry.

“I couldn’t believe it, I stayed like 20 minutes, crying alone. After I left the room, my wife was on the sofa with my daughter and when I told her, we hugged and cried together. It was a very special moment because I prepared for this my entire career… Every kid dreams about playing a World Cup and even more so winning it.

“But in addition, three months before I started to prepare myself physically and psychologically in case it was my turn… And in the end it was a dream.”

On if he was confident in himself that he was going to be called, that he was preparing even three months prior:

“Yes, I was confident in myself and I knew that if I had the opportunity, I was going to take advantage of it. I was tlaking a lot with Nico Otamendi, who was my team mate at Benfica and he told me to prepare, that I could be there. He helped me a lot, he advised me and he motivated me…”

On how he prepared:

“I was very anxious about what was going to happen and I have a coach who helps me a lot in that. What I prepared the most was enjoying the moment, not letting a lot of things go by, moments with the family and living in the present. If I am having mates with the family, to enjoy that moment, not to think of what is going to happen after…”

On if he was confident that at the World Cup, he would play as much as he did:

“If I wasn’t picked, I would have supported my team mates. But when you are there, obviously you want to play. And even more a World Cup! I always had that calmness that I was going to have the opportunity, that the coaching staff picked me for a reason and I was confident in myself that when I would get the chance, I would do the best I can…”

How he shared a room with Julián Álvarez, someone he knew from River Plate”

“Yes, I remember that we had barely opened the door to our rooms, I looked at him and said: “It’s crazy, look where we are… We are going to play a World Cup!” It was incredible that we were together at River and we were in Qatar, the two young players at 21 or 22 years old, living a dream. Being able to represent Argentina is priceless.

“It was incredible that in such little time, with only a three year career, I was there to play a World Cup. It was all crazy.”