Enzo Fernández speaks on meeting Lionel Messi, his goal at the World Cup


Enzo Fernández spoke about meeting Lionel Messi and his goal at the World Cup.

Fernández has become an undisputed member of the Argentina national team. Named the World Cup’s best player, Enzo received his first call-up for Argentina at 20 years of age.

The midfielder gave an interview to Diario Ole where he spoke about meeting Lionel Messi. Here is what he had to say about his first Argentina call-up:

“I was 20 years old, it was my first call up. I was nervous, scared and very anxious… A lot of feelings. I had always dreamed of having a picture with Leo, so I went and asked him for one because I didn’t know if I would get called back and I wanted to have it to keep it and show it to my family.”

He also commented about his goal vs. Mexico at the World Cup:

“He (Lionel Messi) wanted us to play there, in the corner because there were three or four minutes until the end of the match. But when he gave it to me, I had space in the middle. I had planned to face the defender and cross, but when I dribbled, the defender opened up and I had space to shoot the ball.”

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  1. That body feint and the curl that he got on the ball, boy o boy!!! What was even more amazing was the direction of his hand that went along as the ball started to take the curl. Watching it in slow motion still gives goosebumps!!

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