CONMEBOL, CONCACAF reportedly agree to have teams compete in Copa Libertadores


CONMEBOL and CONCACAF have reportedly agreed to have North American teams compete in the Copa Libertadores.

While an announcement has not bene made, it looks to be happening. According to Hernán Castillo, teams from the Northern Hemisphere, in this situation, CONCACAF teams, will be able to play in the Copa Libertadores as of next year.

Alejandro Domínguez, the president of CONMEBOL, tweeted out a video of himself dancing with a caption reading that “Next Monday, a “revelation is coming for all football lovers”. Domínguez had previously stated that Lionel Messi has to play in the Copa Libertadores.

This would mean that we could get Argentine players in the MLS, including Lionel Messi, playing in South America.


  1. Not quite familiar with the format and schedule of Copa Libertadores. Will Inter Miami be able to participate right away from this year? It would be great to see Leo playing in the most prestigious club competition of S.America.

    • It depends on how they set it up ….not sure either. But Libertadores is the champions league equivalent of South America.
      One thing I’m sure about tho is the tackling is rough. Similar to Argentina super league. They better be careful with our boy if somehow bottom of the league Miami qualify for it.

      • I am fully aware it is South American equivalent of Champions league but how will Inter Miami compete? They have finished midtable in the last couple of seasons and are at the bottom right now. When will the next Libertadores start and how many new teams can they accommodate?

        • The competition is usually between March and November I believe. It’s in session as we speak. What I was saying is I don’t know how the MLS tables will be involved. As it stands Miami will not be involved as they are on the bottom.

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