Gerardo Martino “It’s very likely that both Messi and Busquets will play longer tomorrow.”


Mundo Albiceleste was at Gerardo Martino’s press conference prior to Inter Miami’s game vs. Atlanta United on Tuesday. “El Tata” could not confirm that Lionel Messi will play from the beginning, but he stated that the idea was to give him more playing time that in his debut last Friday.

“It is very likely that both Messi and Busquets will play longer, even from the beginning. Everything will depend on how they feel. It is just their second game.

“It is also true that when Leo plays from the beginning, he is likely to play the full 90 minutes.

“What was seen of Messi in the game trying to order his teammates, is what he has been doing in the training sessions. He helps and talks about soccer with his teammates.”

Lionel Messi made his Inter Miami debut against Cruz Azul on Friday where he scored a free kick winning goal in injury time.


  1. Would someone be kind enough to provide a link to watch the game please??
    This is some BS.. I live in the states and still can’t watch a MLS game on any of my channels

  2. Messi against Almada! Great opportunity for MLS player to up their market value and impress European or Saudi clubs (only if they are looking for 25 times European salary ) LOL

  3. This is truly insane, I never bothered to watch MLS and would occasionally stumble upon a game and quickly change the channel and now that Messi is playing, local games all of a sudden are no longer shown on local channels!!!

  4. Afa should drop yamila Rodriguez and ask to remove her Cristiano tatoo. Before removing she should not be allowed within 100 metre of the national team

    • First of all she is good player and she give everything she have in every single game.
      She honor the country and the jersey every time. she deserves to be there.

      Second i don t know from where are you from but in Argentina we have something that called democracy and we pay it with blood for long long years in past. So everybody is free to like whoever she/he desires and everybody can do to his/her body whatever desires.

      we will say to you what tattoo you allowed to have or not? Give us a break man.

      • It ain’t because of that, she has constantly disrespected Messi by retweeting degrading posts about him, she also liked posts saying the world cup was rigged for Messi, and when Argentina lost to Saudi she posted a story saying ronaldo wouldn’t have let his country down , she’s free to like anyone, but it’s actions like this that enrages people. And “she gives her everything” for pete’s sake, she runs like an asthma patient.

      • Total agree with Cox about liking CR7. Who cares, its no ones business who she idolizes.

        But if the following is true, then boot her toxic ass.

        “1) she also liked posts saying the world cup was rigged for Messi
        2) When Argentina lost to Saudi she posted a story saying ronaldo wouldn’t have let his country down”

        I also read she did not play well against Italy, team lost their rhythm when she entered the pitch.

        • on second thought, maybe not boot her because people can say whatever they want..but she’s still toxic af by saying WC was rigged and CR7 would have been the savior against Saudis.

        • Oh yeah, all true, she’s done more than that too, toxic is putting it lightly, she’s a disgrace. And now when people found out what she did and started attacking her, she’s playing the victim card saying she was never anti Messi and that she respects them both. What a hypocrite…

          • maybe she is anti Messi i don t know. as i said that is not crime. But that about world cup if it is true then it is very serious if true. On the other side it is hard for me to believe that one person man/woman (it is irrelevant) that wear the national team jersey and give his “blood” for that jersey to speak in the way she is accused that she speak. it is really very hard to me to believe that.
            The woman maybe she is anti Messi or she is in love with Ronaldo. God knows. Ok she is stupid. But that too is not a crime.

        • ok my friend. i don t know if those things is true. i didn t read or listen those things but i don t have reason to not believe you. Ok the woman is stupid or maybe God knows she is in love with Ronaldo (women s brains are not easy to follow) she likes him as man God knows. My point is that she is free to believe whatever she likes.
          Yes against Italy she didn t play well true. I am reffering mostly about past. She was one of our best players in past. Anyway.

      • This is not that easy. I have no problem if she is just an admirer of cr7. I had never any prblm with garnacho even though he is a follower of cr7 but this is about disrespecting your country’s greatest footballer living and as a fan you can do anything but when you are representing your country you have some duty. She liked a post which said the wc is rigged and Argentina and messi won unfairly so that translates you not only hates messi you even can hate your own country just because you don’t like someone. I don’t even think messi has any personal differences with her. I know its democracy but messi i believe the national asset of Argentina and this kind of behavior should not be tolerated.

  5. MESSI playing vs my home town tomorrow is too weird and then coming here in September!
    I have never been to an ATL United game nor did I ever watch them play a full game but that is about to change.

  6. Inter made a Euro 15M bid for Dibu, Villa rejected it but I think Dibu should push for it. He is a world champion and deserves to play the Champions league.

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