Premier League Argentine players in pre-season


A few Argentine players took part in matches on Wednesday as part of pre-season with their Premier League clubs.

Julián Álvarez started for Manchester City in their 2-1 win vs. Bayern Munich. The 23 year old did not score but did play the first half before being substituted at half time.

Máximo Perrone was brought on as a substitute in Manchester City’s win, being brought on for Bernardo Silva after 72 minutes.

Cristian Romero started Tottenham Hotspur’s 4-1 win vs. Lion City Sailors. Romero was substituted out at half time as part of several changes.

Giovani Lo Celso scored his second goal in pre-season for Tottenham Hotspur. The ball fell to him in the penalty area and he would score from close range. He was brought on as a substitute at half time.


    • I must admit, RM gets the Golden Child and its GAME OVER. Messi could have had easily TWO + more CL trophies had it not been for the lousy management of Barcelona and that was the difference between them and RM, how well vs lousy both clubs were run.

    • I agree. He shouldn’t be encouraged to be making such tackles. Same applies to Cuti Romero. Imagine if he makes such tackles in key matches for Argentina and ends up being sent off. But that all that comes down to the Midfield. If the Midfield is porous, the defense will be left exposed.

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