Italy national team coach looking at Argentine forward Lucas Beltrán


Italy coach Roberto Mancini is looking at Argentine fowrard Lucas Beltrán.

Roberto Mancini spoke about how they are monitoring the 22 year old forward. The Italian coach was quoted by DSportsRadio as saying the following:

“We are following him like so many players. For now, nothing has been resolved.”

Lucas Beltrán has 11 goals and three assists in 24 matches with River Plate this season.

Mancini has already called up Argentine born Mateo Retegui who made his debut with the Italian national team earlier this year.


  1. That shows Argentina has surplus of great players. But never underestimate Italy. Remember 1982 Italy were underdogs but ended up beating Argentina and Brazil in the same group and eventually won the world cup

  2. With the world turning more and more global in terms of mobility, it is normal people will have dual passports, parents from different countries etc. FIFA and the soccer body must have some control, else the value of playing for national team will go away. It will become like club football. I won’t be surprised in a few years, representing multiple countries is a norm.

    Someone needs to do something.

    • It’s not the norm. Italy has been inconsequential for years. They have no players and the ones they do are old and washed up. They have to steal from anybody they can, even if it’s crumbs from River Plate, because they are looking at missing out on a third consecutive World Cup, even if it is expanded.

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