Benfica make offer for Gianluca Prestianni of Velez


Benfica have made an offer for Gianluca Prestianni of Velez.

Gianluca Prestianni could have a new club next year. According to Sábado Vélez, the club has made a formal offer for the 17 year old.

The offer is that of $11.3 million for 85% with a move once he would turn 18 which would be for February.


  1. Right foot volley from Messi. Smart positioning from him. He connects better with Taylor and J. Martinez than Mbappe and Hakimi lol. Messi-Alba-Busquet plus Tata, they managed to formed a mini Barca.

  2. Messi found a good partner Robert Taylor in Inter Miami. Looks more dangerous and have a good understanding between them. Messi is always helpful and supports his teammates > an easy job for Tata Martino

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