Video: Federico Redondo and Argentinos Juniors vs. Fluminense


Federico Redondo was one of the best players on the pitch during the Copa Libertadores match between Argentinos Juniors and Fluminense. The Argentine ended with 86 touches, the most with also having the most interceptions with three.

He won the most duels with seven and had the most recoveries with eleven. The 20 year old continues to be one of the best talents in Argentina.


  1. Can you imagine a midfield with Redondo Fernandez and Mac Allister !!!
    Argentina thanks God has a bright future.

  2. His dad was a genius on the pitch. From the looks of it, he’ll probably surpass his dad, God willing..
    we need a strong guy like him in midfield. Very important

    • Yes, spot on as his dad was absolutetly an amazing player and his magic quality deffenetly shines through his son as it is obviously shown by him with the way he plays football ! Wow ! Incredible as the position he plays at is defenetly not the easiest one on the pitch, but he looks so confident like allmost as he was born to play like this as was his dad too ! True gem for Argentina and for Argentinos Juniors and hopefully we will see him in Europe as soon as possible, though playing Copa Libertadores in this fashion just after U20 WC where he was, maybe in my personal oppinion the player from MASCHE’s team, that impressed me the most, though there were others too who performed very well too, so it is just an oppinion of my own and maybe, mostly because of the posession he plays as obviously was big fan of his dad too, but even they look so much the same in so many ways onn and of the pitch, Still i prefer not compare them even they are father and son, but Yes so happy to see him playing lime this allready as i think he can Still develop even more from what he is doing allraedy, which is amazing and therefore i hope him the best for the future and hopefully he will join a team where the coach really preciates a player as his caliber, which truly tremendous !

    • Yes Godin, he deffenetly will do wonder’s in Europe and specially under a coach who preciates a player with such a huge talent and potential to come, maybe even the biggest names in middfield in near future as such smooth and inteligent player with good fysics and vision too as looks like a real deal and perfectly made for the game itself ! Wow ! I’m so happy and lucky to see players popping out and keep on keepin’ on from Arg constantly since a bit before -78 as more less around 45 year’s til’ today and hopefully Prestianni will also join Benfica, when he turns 18 year’s old ! As ARG is more precious than anything what comes to football and obviously much more beyond that too ! Been livin’ the dream and hopefully this dream will never stop ! Vamos La Albiceleste !

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